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  1. A massive thanks to you all, we have caught the culprit! He is going to have a nice suprise in the post lol. And yes, it is a goatee!
  2. Wow, you can make out more detail with this one. I'm pretty sure that's a mustache he has there. That should narrow it down considerably. Many thanks I'm sure you noticed from the time stamp on the photo that it was mothers day weekend, which is why we were so busy. We had about 20 agency drivers working for us on that day. Unfortunately he was caught on a main road so most of the vans went through the same spot. As for the registration, it was down to human error. It was such a busy day we just wanted to get the drivers on the road ASAP so everything was rushed and the basics were missed. Haha, none taken. It's a great effort though. Thanks. I would say he definately has a mustache. That should narrow it down a lot. blacknred
  3. Hello, I have lurked these forums for a long while now but this is my first post so I hope it is in the correct place. I have had PDN installed for a few months, have had lots of fun and even created and edited a few images. I come here now in my time of need. Please let me explain... I work in the transport industry and am in a spot of bother. A few weeks ago we had a very busy day so had to call in agency staff to drive our vehicles. One of these staff managed to get himself caught by a mobile speed camera and the Police are now looking for the person responsible. The police have sent us photographic evidence of the driver who we need to identify otherwise the company gets a £1000 fine and I get the boot. In the photograph they have sent us you can just make out the outline of the driver but cannot distinguish any facial features. I am looking for any advice on how I can make the drivers face more easy to identify. I have tried a few things including sharpening the picture, adjusting the brightness/contrast and changing the hue/saturation etc. but still cannot identify him. I have no problems posting the picture if anybody wants to have ago. Many thanks, blacknred