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  1. Doesn't work because .bmrl is not a recognised extension.
  2. I tested the .bmrl saved as .bmp on my GPS and it worked perfect. The upload is made with a USB Drive and the name of .bmp is set on a .xml file. As you suggest may be work if I set the name of the file as [name].bmrl in the XML file. I will test with .bmrl extension instead of .bmp to see the result and then I give you feedback.
  3. Thanks, it works now. I will test a bmp saved with your plugin on my GPS and then I give you feedback if it works.
  4. I try it but got this error when try to save:
  5. Great and thanks! Tested on paint.net 4.3 and works great to open this bmp file type (renamed to .bmrl). I will wait to test the saving part. More examples attached. bmp_800_480.zip
  6. Does this help someone to make a plugin? https://pastebin.com/DcxkN3yC
  7. @midoraI think "RL" is some kind of bitmap compression.
  8. Hi @midora I don't know to but with DView I can view this bmp format and convert to this bmp format. I think they use the FreeImage Project to do that.
  9. Hi. Is it possible add support for BMP format for GPS POI use? I think with FreeImage Project you can do this. I convert PNG to this BMP format with DView 1.1.3 but if I could do it with Paint.NET it would be great. I can't attached the BMP example but you can dowload from here.
  10. Crowdin username: lingfude Language: Portuguese (pt-pt) The project's URL gives: "Project Not Found"
  11. I use Transifex for other app translations and it's great and functional. It supports Windows Resource Files (.resx).
  12. Update for Portuguese (Portugal) translation file in this Post for Paint.Net 4 - Alpha 4.0.5086.6645. Regards
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