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  1. Nice tutorial! I have been looking for this kind of a tutorial. This is what i did :] http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/252/f/a/fores_superfantti_with_glass_box2_by_thesuperfantti-d5e59y7.png
  2. That is amazing. Great work. How did you make your paint look like that? What skin and where did you get it!?
  3. I can't understand anything about step 2 or step 3. This sucks... So confusing! Worst tutorial ever because i cant understand a <darned> thing! I'm doing everything like in the tutorial but still not working!! Is my paint working incorrectly?
  4. Here is my try at this tutorial. 10/10* Best tutorial so far This was a great tutorial. For me it took a lot of time because i just started using Paint.NET.
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