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  1. The superfantti

    "The Clarity of Nature" Background- For All Skill Levels

    Nice tutorial! I have been looking for this kind of a tutorial. This is what i did :]
  2. The superfantti

    Advancedish Planet - V2

    That is amazing. Great work. How did you make your paint look like that? What skin and where did you get it!?
  3. The superfantti

    Glossy Web 2.0 Style Text

    I can't understand anything about step 2 or step 3. This sucks... So confusing! Worst tutorial ever because i cant understand a <darned> thing! I'm doing everything like in the tutorial but still not working!! Is my paint working incorrectly?
  4. The superfantti

    Metal text with outline chrome

    Here is my try at this tutorial. 10/10* Best tutorial so far This was a great tutorial. For me it took a lot of time because i just started using Paint.NET.
  5. The superfantti

    "Colored Eye"

    Here is my try at it! FINLAND!