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  1. Thanks barbieq25 And here is new stuff: Facebook timeline theme: Small sig: A green avatar collection: And here are some graphics for "Doodle Jump"-clone, I´m working on for normal internet browsers. In the game it will look like:
  2. Thanks four your feedback I will make a jaw breaker soon. Maybe this one seems like a planet And here are some new pictures: I tried to make this with PDN and not with GIMP. But... yeah.... I also tried to improove my "3D-Interfaceparts" (don´t know the english word ) skills: And my personal favourite: (Direct link: http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/2493/3dtry2.png Looks better without other images and text around)
  3. Thanks a lot! The 'garden Sheppard' took 3 minutes
  4. Hey, thank you for your feedback @skullbonz: Yes. And here are some new pictures. (Sorry... image Heavy) Maybe a little bit too late, but that was my entry for a event in a forum. My first try to make a Wraith weapon from Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard from SGA in my Garden :D A try to make earth-like planet: The following pictures I need for a webdesign project I´m working on. Interface for a HTML5-Audioplayer: Overview panels: I think every post should have a cute end. So here´s a cute panda:
  5. Damn I´ll try the clipboard method..... Thanks for your fast reply
  6. Hey, is it possible to get pixel-properties (RGB A) from another layer? I need the transparency for a plugin.... Thanks
  7. Thank you for your feedback! Here are some new pictures: A space: Some planets made with different techniques
  8. Thanks for all this comments And here is John Sheppard (from Stargate Atlantis) in a font-style
  9. I´m back with new pics Here are 3 sigs, I made for a stargate-forum. Don´t wonder, we are duck fans This is a sig for another forum. A logo i made for a programing project And a popup for the same project
  10. I tried to make a classical Stargate Atlantis tablet for a BG
  11. Some new pictures Sig I made for a forum: (Put some pictures together) Blue hole: Some jets fly over a castle: Paint.net sig: And now a combination of pikachu and a panda. The Pandachu
  12. Hey, I´m making a homepage with a fixed background. Bute the header isn´t fixed. It´s a space background and has to be transparent. How can I save a image, without making the transparent parts white?
  13. Take the pictue you want to "manip", like a car. Then add a new Layer with the sunglasses, you want to add. Scale it and take the rubber to delete everything around the sunglasses. Then blur the edges (Gaussiun Blur).
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