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  1. Hello LionsDragon, WelshBlue, Iron67 & xod, I'll try the tips during the week as time affords. Appreciate the insight LionsDragon. Thank you, will do WelshBlue. Iron, yeah I got a problem but will put mind-muscle to overcome it. We're all blessed with differing gifts, mine is not so much on the artistic side but can still appreciate yours. xod your avatar is beautiful, so alive, thanks for input.
  2. Hey Andrew, Thank you for your help. Hello Pixie & Iron, thank you for answering. Allow me to put an end to your incorrect understanding - I was belittling myself & acknowledging my own lack of expertise. You needn't feel my insulting myself is in anyway a reflection on or meant for you. There wasn't innuendo at all, you guys are absolute masters, which is why I mentioned 'listening to the two clever people from our history' because I'd read the go in here, change this to that, copy this & alter that, then it would work (Trinity's post) - which I'd hesitate to do due to my inexperience but had still wanted to use Toli's effect. It was never my intention to slight any of you. I'm really in awe of the gifts people display in the forums. It looks as if you thought I was being nasty to someone. Perhaps you are unused to finding honest people championing you & blaming themselves for their own inadequacies, that you were under the impression I was being unkind to Toli. I hope you are both satisfied on my intent & mindset now and can accept my explanation as being genuine. Hi Toli, thank you for not getting upset & also quietly chastising me. I meant what I'd said, it reads as an awesome extension & I hope that I'll have the grey matter to make use of it & others' writers (Pyros') effects. As much as I'd love to get the most out of, I don't really have the time for the learning curve. I've a 'sort of' ability to use in a simple manner but it is not my industry, so battle now & then, when I need it. Like now, I need create something beyond my immature grasp which impresses as professional. So must find out how to get the desired result & do it within my own time constraints. All the best to everyone.
  3. No Offense Toli & Pyro, but feel like a kid over-hearing adults, does the (awesome sounding) plugin work after all in PDN 4.0? Is it a simple cretin install for 'vacuum for brains' people like myself? Or do I need go back to school, discover how to manipulate the known universe to install? Shh! For sure you going to say go back to school... I'd just been following Welshblues lead on Glossy effect and seem to have wondered into a discussion between Newton/Einstein that has left me very non-plussed as to continue or not. Thanks
  4. Hey buddy, can you go into greater detail for me please? If you can be very specific, I'd appreciate it. Thanks a ton