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  1. Aguba, Great tutorial! The result looks amazing. In my own separate image attempts, I had done some steps very similarly; the alpha masking sections are far superior to what I tried,though.Thanks for sharing your amazing skills with the community! Gonna go give it a whirl now.
  2. Thanks aguba! I'll check out that tutorial
  3. Your abstracts are amazing, especially "Harshness." So much detail involved; very well done. SNM
  4. @aguba: Always awesome. A nice use of gradients for the text and background. And, simple isn't always bad. @Possum: Too bad that they didn't win, though. Still, a nice wallpaper. @Pipp92: very interesting. I like how clean they both look. The top image is my favorite of the two; something about golden rays wafting around gives it a good feel. Very nice. This piece was inspired by aguba, specifically his signature. Enjoy: The script reads "Shalom," meaning "peace."
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    Whoops, my apologies on that. My post has been edited and picture moved accordingly.
  6. Nathan_Misch


    Aguba, your work is fantastic! Keep up the good work! SNM