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  1. I don't understand the part at the end where you say gaussian blur the ends of the line. I have the feather plugin if that can do the same job, though I don't know how to use it, lol. I can't get it to be pointy at the ends like yours. Please help.
  2. I can't seem to open it I have the .dll files and everything in the effects folder, but I don't know how to open the 'draw with custom brushes' tool. Edit: I also don't know where to find the Paint.NET user files that you all keep talking about. Edit Edit: Nevermind, I found where the tool is here viewtopic.php?f=16&t=30524
  3. Yeah, so I got the update just now and I'm having problems using the magic wand What I did: 1) Resized canvas to 200 x 200 pixels 2) Used the paint bucket to make the background black 3) On the same layer, I wrote 'Test' in arial black, white color 4) I try to use the magic wand to select the text, but instead it selects the whole canvas, even when I ctrl+click the T in Test. Is there something that changed with the magic wand with the update or something? Please help.
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