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  1. The problem is...... there is no way for us normal citizens to get plugins when we use our hard earned money on things like this..... were not all huge experienced coders ;-; RIP the free version download is BROKEN go check my other post to see more info.
  2. Okay Okay, i know i have the payed version, and thats because the free version wasnt working and it still isnt, basically when i go to and i go to nothing happens.... it just asked me to buy it or head back to to download it IT MAKES ME WANNA PULL MY HAIR OUT the reason i want the free version is because microsoft store apps don't allow us access to the app folders WindowsApps, and when i try to paste a plugin DLL into the main folder, it just says its not allowed if i had the free version it would be much easier to add plugins instead of spending hours trying to De-rank Trusted-installer and Up-rank ME so i can add plugins In the photos i attached you can see i go to and i click download and it brings me to a page to get free or payed version, then i get free, and i go to DotPDN, and soon after it asked to get free version from and basically THE SITES JUST GO IN A BIG CIRCLE AND NO DOWNLOAD IS AVAILABLE PLEASE SOMEONE FIGURE THIS OUT