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  1. Just so you can see how you've helped: this was what I was making as my sig on a music website.
  2. Sorry, your technique is spot on for me. I was using the circle tool to create an elipse, because I hate aliasing caused by the selection tools, but then I realised I'd be blurring. Doh! Thanks again.
  3. That sort-of works, if I scale the canvas up, create a really thick line, and then squash it as you suggested, then stretch the ends and then scale down. I wanted quite long points at the ends, but I think I'll just need to mess with the line dimensions. Cheers! A Christmas card will be winging its way to you!
  4. Hi all, I'm probably being thick, but please can anyone help me create a line that fades out to points at the end? I'm pretty good on PdN, I think it's ace, and I can usually find reasonably easy workarounds for any problem I have, but this has got me stumped. I'm working on a black background with a horizontal neon blue line. For 1-2 px lines I usually motion blur along the line, but this line has to be fairly thick, 6-8 px. When I try this it gives me, even with rounded ends, just ill-defined blurs. Gaussian doesn't seem to work either. A search reveals the wonderful Simon Brown showing a sharp end as an option for the line tool, but I don't have that. A painful workaround would be to start with a 7px line, then a centred, longer, 5px, then a 3 etc., and then motion blur, but I'm hoping there may be an easier way. If you can help, that would be lovely, and you'll be on my virtual Christmas card list. Thanks.
  5. I really liked this, thanks! Here's mine, with a tagline and a starfield. I had to use gradient blur, and a faint reflection. Didn't quite get the glow as pronounced as I hoped (although I can't be sure, my laptop screen's on its way out), but I'm happy. Ta!
  6. Nice, thanks! Got a 'TV capture' type of image using Seismograph, with Line Spacing = 4, Line Width = 2.48, Segment size = 1, Deflection= -0.05 (resized to about 75% cos it was too big).