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  1. Just so you can see how you've helped: this was what I was making as my sig on a music website.
  2. Sorry, your technique is spot on for me. I was using the circle tool to create an elipse, because I hate aliasing caused by the selection tools, but then I realised I'd be blurring. Doh! Thanks again.
  3. That sort-of works, if I scale the canvas up, create a really thick line, and then squash it as you suggested, then stretch the ends and then scale down. I wanted quite long points at the ends, but I think I'll just need to mess with the line dimensions. Cheers! A Christmas card will be winging its way to you!
  4. Hi all, I'm probably being thick, but please can anyone help me create a line that fades out to points at the end? I'm pretty good on PdN, I think it's ace, and I can usually find reasonably easy workarounds for any problem I have, but this has got me stumped. I'm working on a black background with a horizontal neon blue line. For 1-2 px lines I usually motion blur along the line, but this line has to be fairly thick, 6-8 px. When I try this it gives me, even with rounded ends, just ill-defined blurs. Gaussian doesn't seem to work either. A search reveals the wonderful Simon Brown showing
  5. I really liked this, thanks! Here's mine, with a tagline and a starfield. I had to use gradient blur, and a faint reflection. Didn't quite get the glow as pronounced as I hoped (although I can't be sure, my laptop screen's on its way out), but I'm happy. Ta!
  6. Nice, thanks! Got a 'TV capture' type of image using Seismograph, with Line Spacing = 4, Line Width = 2.48, Segment size = 1, Deflection= -0.05 (resized to about 75% cos it was too big).
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