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  1. I know many computer languages, but after looking at C# I didn't find many things that seemed helpful for making plugins. Could someone give me a link to a good C# tutorial that will help me a lot with making PLUGINS. edit: I already read all those tuts boltbait.
  2. I looked for C# tutorials and most of it had nothing to do with creating effects. I looked through many things and nothing to with images or anything of the sort. I just want to learn the coding for making effects in codelab and nothing more.
  3. So how would you make a plugin that using a slider makes the page more black. So that if you move it a certain ammount it will be a certain shade of crey and all the way your entire page black. How would you do this?
  4. This tutorial was inspired by the following tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=31&t=26987 It basically puts steps 1-6 (of that tutorial)in a script and then tells you the rest of the steps in my easy to understand revision. 1.Okay first download the script for scriptlab. (Located at bottom of page.) 2.Then run it in scriptlab. 3.Then duplicate the layer and set it to darken. 4.Horizontally flip the layer. 5.Flatten the image. 6.Play with the curves. 7.Duplicate the layer. 8.Set the blend mode to lighten. 9.Zoom blur deluxe on that layer. Amount: 4th Notch Rest: default 10. Repeat step 9 until the image is to your liking. Power Reactor Script: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nednuoky2gk
  5. Thanks. So I have to write them in code. I might need more help. Edit: Umm what would be the variables used to use different colors other than Red Green and Blue?
  6. Is there a plugin that saves each layer as a .gif file? If not is there a possibility that it could be made? There needs to be one of these. It would make making animations so easy.
  7. Mine looks so cool. I posted it on another forum and they thought it was amazing. Thanks. This tutorial rocks!
  8. I used the exploding planet then made it rain and this was the effect of a surging planet. Edit: @The above poster I used PDN 3.36. All you do is you select the layer copy it all (ctrl+a then ctrl+c) make a new image and paste it there (ctrl+v). Do this for each image.
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