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  1. One of them I managed yesterday, but nothing today - I'm rather like Pryochild in that my eyes focus differently (or rather one focuses, but the other one doesn't) because the nerves that control the eye muscles are damaged on one side (hence often when reading or using the computer I just use one eye, because it's very tiring trying to get both to focus in the same place). It's probably more my problems with depth perception (which are partly to do with the focusing thing) that does it though - when I have eye tests at the hospital they use something similar to the "magic eye" pictures on gla
  2. This looks great - I always wondered how this was done! I'll have to give this a go! I used to love these when they first came out, but these days I have great difficulty in seeing them because a few years ago I was diagnosed with a neurological condition that's damaged my vision and amongst other things left me with very little depth perception and double vision (I tend to either use just one eye on the computer or wear an eye patch so I don't get two of everything). I have prisms in the lenses of my glasses that controls (or tries to) it, which improves things, but only rarely can I make th
  3. Wow! That's beautiful! I love it! How did you do the flower/butterfly things? (I'm still trying to figure out whether they're flowers or butterflies, but whatever they are they're awesome! )
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