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  1. So what do you guys think of lockerz? & how many PTZ do you have? And have u ever redeemed in lockerz? are you a z-lister? oh! and if you redeemed what did you get? If you don't know what Lockerz is, it is a site where you can get PTZ (points) and get free stuff. It's not like swagbucks or those sites like that, to get PTZ when you first join there is like a game, but you can only play that game once, after that to earn PTZ you need to: Log in, and just answer the dailies. I got NHL 2K10 for the PS3! And you know how other sites how you gotta go on the ads for like 30 secs? You don't do that with lockerz If you want an invite, just P.M. me or tell me on here (i'm not a spammer) so I have 24 PTZ (as of right now) but when i got 100 PTZ, I spent it on NHL 2K10 (for the 360) I'm not a Z-Lister
  2. the shadow plugin DL is broken , and This kind of shadow: http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s240/rocksmoney/VegertarianRecipes.png and this kind: http://s154.photobucket.com/albums/s240 ... sample.flv
  3. Don't drop support for XP, until you are sure people won't be pissed! I still use XP!, and i'm not upgrade to windows 7 UNLESS If i get a new PC. With Windows, installing a newer of (EX: installing Windows vista, on an Windows xp comp) isn't the best. With windows, it's better to get the OS preinstalled I WILL NOT buy Windows 7 for my windows vista laptop, or my windows xp computer.
  4. why does it say error when i try to save it as an apng?
  5. lol, i like the one with the sratched out programs, the monkey one if pretty funny
  6. I just upgraded to SP3 yesterday, i was lazy to download SP3, until yesterday, so far i don't see any differences except it's faster!! But in july 2009, maybe i'm upgrading to a mac, and i'll buy VMware fusion so i can still run Paint.NET, i might learn programming... Also why is vista bad, i see it as good, but i don't want to upgrade from xp, if this comp is good. Vista is actually good, compilable with pre vista program, if you installed it from a disc, that's why. but the thing i hate about it, it is, it's not coming with a recovery disc, now i gotta buy one from microcenter, if i get vista.
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