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  1. You get wifi, but then your computer crashes down. I wish the whole world was covered with peanut butter.
  2. ta-da! But every time you beat the drum, the stick hits you in the head. I wish my dog could fly.
  3. Awesome tut!! Here's my try: Thanks a lot!!
  4. Here's my try: I put together this tutorial with the one for making the scotch tape, and that is my result.
  5. I'm a newbie here as a member of this forum, but I work with PdN for a longer time now. So I decided to put some of my creations here. I suck in making things look 3D, or shiny etc. And Blue Giraffe 4ever!! This is my latest creation. I hope I hit the right place, where to post this. ^^'
  6. Yop. Actually I use paint.net for more than year, so I have been watching this forum for new plugins and tuts... and in last few days I realized that I should eventually join.
  7. Hmm... Yeah, I realized, this is probably the most "off-topic" off-topic I´ve ever seen... Never mind.
  8. Uhm, I think I´ve got lost in this topic. I started to read this from the beginning, but it has no end! Still, I have no idea what the duck is going on in here, so I´ll just pretend that I got it all and smile. Hell yeah.
  9. Happy Birthday, and thanks for every plugin you made and for all the time spend by making new plugins. Enjoy the party.
  10. Very nice tut. And here´s my try: Basic Upgraded
  11. Thanks for the tut. I´ve been wondering how to make such a "tape effect". I tried it out, and also made the "paper" looks like it´s torn.
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