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  1. little banner i made for myspace. BTW: my line tool skil isnt too well. could i get some suggestions? everything 100% PDN
  2. little banner i made for myspace. BTW: my line tool skil isnt too well. could i get some suggestions? everything 100% PDN
  3. Well, Here Are some I jus made for my bro. V1: V2: V3: Comment please?
  4. Got a lot of time on my hands today V1: V2: V3: V4: Comments?
  5. its crazy good jake, the background and text match well, I can say what i think could maybe enhance it, something like a golden frame bordering it i guess, but it looks great! V1: V2: tryna get good with the sprites still. CC please.
  6. I was gonna save for sdoty round 2 but what the heck i think i may need to improve it. cc please EDIT:first sprite tag
  7. nice! only thing missing i guess is a little lighting. but other than that its awsome. CC this plz: stock: Hidden Content:
  8. its cool. the text needs more to it. and the lighting needs a little work. other than that. Its phycadellic. :wink: (or however its spelled.) Any suggestions?
  9. lol thanks LFC no offense taken. but yea the last 2 versions of the of the prince of persia sig was nice. i fav those more than the others. cc? (3 stocks used.)
  10. Kemaru, I hope he meant it as a compliment. but nice use of stock and good dept. Lol really dont know how to critisize it. (cause of the name Mixup :evil: jk,) but its great. i think i need to get some tips from you LFC.
  11. welcome. be careful with xor or screeen in sigs cuz it doesnt look right in most sigs and avies. but i dig the concept a lot but add a better text and border to some of your work. but soon you will be better just keeep looking at tuts from here and photoshop and you will have more originality in your work. lol what do u guys think of my first button?
  12. from scratch using the penicl tool,jitter,frostedglass,and pixelating the JJ that comes at the end. programs: Paint.net and BMG
  13. yea, i made w/ pencil tool but i prolly got lazy at erasing. this isnt my best though. i was just seeing how i could make explosions with frosted glass and jitter, and using pixelation.
  14. that 1st one looks great tho, also, the other ones did 2, put they just seemed sorta montone. but they are all good still. lol this is an animation i made from scratch using bng and paint.net, took about 30 frames. lol but look: what u think?
  15. ok. I fill a layer in with white then put brushes on with black. i save the layer and on the finished signature i duplicate it. now that i have to sigs, i alpha maks one and then upload the mask. i check mixed alpha but it jus removes the parts of the sig that are inside where i brushed at.
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