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  1. cant exactly see the quality in ur avie, and its badly cut out at top. 4.5/10 rate:
  2. Made a while back. myspace layout(the backbround)
  3. little banner i made for myspace. BTW: my line tool skil isnt too well. could i get some suggestions? everything 100% PDN
  4. little banner i made for myspace. BTW: my line tool skil isnt too well. could i get some suggestions? everything 100% PDN
  5. Yea im with you 2 ecliptics, I havent been doin a lot lately due to school and messin with flash. Plus I may Be upgrading from graphics to animations. but like ths said relax its no need to complain, this actually gives you time to make some good art
  6. thanks, I think I havent topped it yet, I need work
  7. Version one I like. nice flow and jus needs a tad bit more depth, and like LFC said, The background needs to be a little bit smoother. but other than that, I like the blending of colors you used in it, its great!
  8. Its ok still :AntiAliasingOff: here and ther. but not real bad. 5/10 rate: made in flash but.. i just wanna know how bad it is=)
  9. thanks a lot kemaru and Helen. I must say I have been doin nothing but designing and animating all month
  10. Some Kid Cudi Sigs I made! Stock used : Hidden Content:
  11. I must say the other sprite you have made are way better than this one The thing that does it for me is the background and sprite not blending, maybe its the contrast in colors but.. Try changing the colors around and add more depth and flow. I give u 7.9/10. OK to TPBM I need A rating on these (if u want to rate each of them.) v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 Sorry guys, if this is too much :?
  12. Keepin them Coming! Lol my bro told me to make him one with kenpachi in it, so i say..sure.
  13. Well, Here Are some I jus made for my bro. V1: V2: V3: Comment please?
  14. Got a lot of time on my hands today V1: V2: V3: V4: Comments?
  15. like the originality in the sig cola, not much i can say but 9/10 rate:
  16. its crazy good jake, the background and text match well, I can say what i think could maybe enhance it, something like a golden frame bordering it i guess, but it looks great! V1: V2: tryna get good with the sprites still. CC please.
  17. I was gonna save for sdoty round 2 but what the heck i think i may need to improve it. cc please EDIT:first sprite tag
  18. 7/10 the background has too much goin on and text could be better
  19. 1) Crimson (tough call) 2) blooper 3) Kemaru 4) LFC4EVER 5) Pipp92 6) JJgunz 7) TopHATslash 8 ) Helio 9) cazaron 10) Zwicky 11) Wolverine 12) ShK_828 13) Doctor 14) Survulus 15) jake2k 16) Stephan
  20. well. i feel pretty good if i win im using the round one sig will go under until round 2. he he. i love life. sometimes.
  21. i like it a lot it seems like real metal in its real abstract looking. maybe some lighting would give it a more dramatic effect, but its a 9/10 rate:
  22. b]1)[/b] crimson 2)blooper 3)kemaru 4)lfc4ever 5) Pipp92 6)jjgunz :o 7)tHs 8) Helio 9) cazaron 10)petewolfbane 11) Wolverine 12) ShK_828 13)konartist 14)flow55 15)jake2k 16) Stephan
  23. oh sorry, i thought minoeman was above me, 9/10 yours is dope only thing is the blur arouround your render could be a little less. rate:
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