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    My interests are computers, graphix, horses, books, friends, talking, having fun, pranks, Tokio Hotel, and YouTube!

    OK I'm OBSESSED with Tokio Hotel!

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  1. Good luck with that. I can't go a day with out pop or I will get caffeine headaches. I know that may not sound like a big deal but it is as caffeine withdrawal can lead to nasty migraines for me. As for people going your going to have problems from soda. Well that may be but you only live once and I already got problems so what another few going to do. I been drinking soda for more then 16 years, everyday. Out of what problems I did have none of them were do to soda or caffeine. Only the headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Matter a fact I only been in hospital 2 times in my 20 years of life.
  2. Usually the Magic Wand at 60% works for me.
  3. And females just as unemotional as a stereotypical male. You got me there lmfao I don't mean to imply anything, but... how do you know I'm not an "it"? My next sig is going to be like......... an asylum or something. I just like that word. Asylum, asylum, asylum. Rant (Good Rant): I'm being talked about and noticed! Yay!
  4. I won't leave, and I'll stop being obnoxious. Rant: The poll "Who is your PDN Forum Hero?" makes me look obnoxious, but if I edit it and remove myself from it, the votes will be deleted! And one person said something about Crazy Man Dan (CMD) and I thought the person meant CMT, so I feel like a complete idiot :x Oh well! Reese50 is no longer an obnoxious 12 year old.
  5. I'm going to forget this rant thread. Seriously, I'm hurt. You guys on here are the only ones I can talk to about things I actually like. Seeing as I messed up everything, I should probably ask to have my account removed. No one would miss me, and I can't say I wouldn't care. Goodbye, ex friends.
  6. CMD isn't overworked, but then all of the people get bored and go home. I'm guessing you mean the TV channel? Sorry, I don't watch much TV. Except for [scrubs]
  7. Yup =) I am sorry and I ask forgiveness from you all. All of the posts before June 09, 2008, were not by me. *Wink wink*
  8. Yes, I totally agree! Someone who was a total n00b the first day, tried to help (but failed) miserably at mini-moderating, and someone who actually likes a music group. I despise her! This: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=13062 makes me sick to my stomach, and I think she should be banned... If you haven't noticed, I'm an active member on this forum, I can understand English, and I have feelings! Oh well. This has been a great inspiration for my new signature. And I'll try to stop being so annoying and obnoxious, I really will. I'm not mad, I don't blame you! But it is a littl
  9. You get AC, but it freezes everyone in the school. I wish I was a nicer person :twisted: :twisted:
  10. YOu get an iPhone, but without wireless or phone service.
  11. You get the service, but you post pictures of yourself on it and end up being stalked. I wish I was rich.
  12. You get to spend more time on the computer. But no one is ever on and there is no such thing as the internet I wish this thread would stop O.o This thread ends, but then we all die of boredom. O.o I wish that Max Power turned into a monkey.
  13. SHAAZAM! Zork becomes whatever you said, but then he throws a fire-ant at your nose. I wish that my stepbrother wouldn't have a crush on me. :?
  14. I can't shut the computer down. All i can do is cut through the wiring in the computer, but it gets so expensive over time... Because David Livingstone asked one of his ninety African wives to cast a spell on the computers of the person to post a n00b question that they don't have thumbs; therefore it is impossible to shut off your computer; the button is synchronized to fit into your thumb print. Will David.Atwell, Ash, Myrddin, Crazy Man Dan, BoltBait, Rick Brewster, or the magnificent Tom Jackson lock this thread because I made a reply to an extremely old post :twisted: :twisted: :twi
  15. Hidden Content: First Name: Reese Location: The place where everyone hate Tokio Hotel =( Age: 12 Occupation: Website and Graphic Designer, Singer, violin player, TH Fan Hobbies: Listening to music, making music, watching movies, playing video games (on the PS2, mainyl KH1 & 2, oover and over again ), reading books (The Clique), graphic design, hanging out, swimming, sleeping, playing pranks :twisted: Favorite tech item: My iPod, cellphone, and three computers :twisted: Favorite and most despised software: Favorite: PDN, of course! And Firefox, iTunes, and all Nancy Drew games
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