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  1. Thanks 007 Nab for the hint on the tutorial....it's nice to see that some people out there are willing to at least give some constructive advice.... am messing around a bit with settings...and think this will be helpful. Once again thanks for the help
  2. This is a bow I made from a ribbon, but it took forever and as you can see it's not very good......would like a plugin that manipulates a ribbon strip to make the bow ends so then I can add them together using layers to give a more realistic bow effect (sorry not very good at explaining things)
  3. Hi, I use paint.net for digital scrapbooking and was wondering if anyone has made a plug in for turning ribbons into bows. I know that a lot of my friends are trying this program as I have raved about it to everyone.....a bow maker plugin would really add a new dimension for people using this program for scrapbooking.....I have learnt so much through this sight and would like to thank everyone who contributes to it...especially with plugins and tutorials. I don't know anything about programming so am not sure if this would be to difficult.
  4. Thanks for the help i resized and here is mine.....it's just a basic picture cube nothing fancy like some of the amazing ones shown......but I am pleased with it for my first try
  5. I am really new at paint.net in fact at any photo editing/designing so I really appreciate the tuts on here. I wanted to see if I could put the split in the eye......and yay I did it, I made a sort of cats eye...still needs lots of work but I am pretty pleased with it
  6. Loved this tut, here is one of my attempts
  7. I am very new to this forum and very new to paint.net and havn't used other imaging software, so I was pretty pleased with my result (although it could do with a bit more work) I tried to up load it but the file is to big, will have to figure out how to make it smaller first thank you so much for this tutorial I will get lots of use out of it
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