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  1. After I apply the pixelate+ filter, My stripey things are slightly transparent and I can see the checkerboard through it and I dont know how to fix it.
  2. -Lucas Check out my website at: http://www.kiwigreenentertainment.com
  3. My WMP11 isn't starting when i double click on it or when I open an AVI file. It is set to the default program for media. I am set as a limited account but even when i switch over to an Admin account it doesnt work. the only account it doues work on is my Dad's account which is an admin. please help!!!????
  4. 100% PDN http://kgentertainment.deviantart.com/a ... -103682001
  5. Would It? http://kgentertainment.deviantart.com/a ... -103019131
  6. Made In Blender 3D: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28156738@N08/2981997455/
  7. In this thread you can post your 5 favorite PDN pieces that you've created Here are mine: By kgentertainment at 2008-08-28 By kgentertainment at 2008-08-28 By kgentertainment at 2008-08-28 By kgentertainment at 2008-08-28 By kgentertainment at 2008-08-06 Now post your favorites!
  8. I was just at best buy and I decided that I am actually going to get the Nikon D60, Although I also was AMAZED at the Canon EOS 5D But That is WAY out of my price range.
  9. i wish i had enough money for the canon rebel xti
  10. Sorry, expired I took my old one down but here is my new and improved one: By kgentertainment at 2008-08-06
  11. Yeah, the chemistry one is a horrible rip off of a great one that I saw on the forums.
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