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  1. thanks, it fun to come and play with some of the tutorial once in a while
  2. Hi quick question where is the Selection Obscurer.dll in the zip file?? there only 5 in the zip when the is 6 plugins on this page!? thank you
  3. Hey Nitenurse thanks but i don't come here that often (but i'll enter if the next time i come around and there one up) have a good day
  4. I edit it dunno if it's ok with you???? since your the head developer maybe you can answer my question ? is it possible to do the image text curvi (like the picture i put above) with paint.net and if we can do vector of an image?? thanks again.
  5. sorry ok i try again what i want to know is, is there a way to do curve text with paint (check the photo i ad as exemple) and can we do a vector from an image also with paint.net
  6. I have two question for you i dunno if it already exist? I was woundering if we can do curvi text or arch text (if you know what i mean?) and can we do vector whit it?? since english is not my main language sorry for the bad spelling. best regards
  7. here mine i mix it with the create a starfield tutorial and call it supernova great tuto man and good work all let me know what you think later
  8. Here mine but can't make it shine if someone know why thanks for the help
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