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    At a fast food place getting turned into fries
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    Messing around with Paint.NET

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  1. You mean the stuff I *brraappp* just ate? I need a mind slave. Get me one.
  2. Is simple. Me like simple. 8/10 (now what's gonna happen here? )
  3. I've got an idea. Let's continuously bug the admins to re-sticky this until they do so! Kidding...
  4. Here's one I am using as my avatar.
  5. Because, for some strange reason, the feeling of your hand being toasted makes you emit a very smelly fart. How do I smash my mouse against the wall?
  6. STOP WITH THE PUNS Anyway, asplosion!
  7. I'm just a total geek. :evil: I NEED A HIGHER GEEKINESS!
  8. Stick figure doesn't know that he shouldn't wander, because this might happen... (points to whoever recognizes what game I'm referring to... )
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