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  1. I think this is a pretty good tutorial but I think that the gloss should be applied in a layer OVER the picture you put inside the box. This will make the picture look like it belongs inside the box. Now it looks as if the picture and box are two separate items. otherwise, great.
  2. Yay! I like your creations and tutorials. (Original or not. :wink: ) Can hardly wait for more tutorials!
  3. Jack takes the UFO. He hops on and within seconds, he's traveled over 500 light years through space and is in an unknown area. He lands, and he and his wife are greeted by the nicest people they have ever met (even though they are green-skinned). Everyone on this new planet is astounded at this "odd" life-form. Everybody wants to open their homes to him and his wife. Should he stay on the planet with the lovely aliens or fly across the galaxy in his shiny UFO?
  4. @LFC4EVER: I miss your old sig! The one with the 3-D box thing with the letters inside it. This one doesn't even compare to your other one. I mean at least this one is original, but it doesn't matter. 4/10
  5. This looks realistic to me, so I'm posting it here. Yes, it is an interface, but I was recreating something that already existed. Therefore, I was making something look realistic. I got bored in PdN and made part of the slider part from the iPhone and iPod touch UI. I think it looks pretty cool. I know it's missing some stuff (like the slider arrow), but it would still be cool to attach this to the bottom of Olli's PdN touch or something. EDIT: Thankfully, I've only moved once when I was little. So, I don't know about all of the difficulties and troubles of moving. Looks crazy!! Great collage!
  6. I got bored in PdN and made part of the slider part from the iPhone and iPod touch UI. I think it looks pretty cool. I know it's missing some stuff, but it would be cool to attach this to the bottom of Olli's PdN touch or something.
  7. I like it, but the drop shadow is a bit too jagged. Besides the jagged shadow, it is AWESOME. I also like how the letter is slightly transparent.
  8. @Sozo: I dunno if I'd want that color in Paint.NET. Maybe if there were some different color schemes, it would be kinda cool. What would be cool would be to combine all windows (tools, colors, layers, history) into one window that makes it look good. That would be awesome. NEW INTERFACE PIC I got bored in PdN and made part of the slider part from the iPhone and iPod touch UI. I think it looks pretty cool. I know it's missing some stuff, but it would be cool to attach this to the bottom of Olli's PdN touch or something.
  9. Well that's pretty cool that you created the iPod touch (not spelled "iTouch" ). Just joking. How exactly did you make the rounded corners so perfectly and the right size?
  10. Did you make all of that iPod touch or just the Paint.NET app and the "iPod Touch2" text?
  11. This new contest reminds me of our band's marching show this coming season! It's called the "Fab Four Seasons." It's going to be a show about the Beatles' music. Don't ask me how this relates to seasons because I have no idea besides that there are four seasons.
  12. I think Opera will create the next revolutionary web browser feature. If I remember correctly, they are the ones who started a VERY huge revolution in web browsers: tabbed browsing! Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and probably some more browsers all use tabbed browsing. This is truly revolutionary. I think if Opera could start a revolution the first time, they sure can do it again!
  13. Oh, POO!! I was thinking the deadline wasn't until the end of the month. I was going to wait until the last minute. Well I guess I waited too long, so I will just submit mine anyway. My application is a media player. It is called Media Player Ultimate. It sports a very nice UI with a sliding glass bar for the toolbar and a sliding glass bar for the scroll bar. You can easily flick through song lists, pictures, videos, documents, and MUCH more! Additional player controls aesthetically fade in and out as needed saving valuable space. CLICK TO ENLARGE!
  14. Hey, you joined a day before I did! Cool! Your sig reminds me of driving fast! Haha. It's very nice, but the majority of it seems like a stock picture. Looks very very good though! 8/10
  15. I was thinking y'all were calling Microsoft M$ because people write bad words with symbols like the dollar sign. So I thought y'all were typing M$ like it's a bad word. (I love Paint.NET and all, but I'm in love with Apple and its OS!)
  16. Looks great, iKid. Haha. Although.. It would be nice if you could desaturate it some!! Hint! Hint! 9.9/10 I think this is the best sig that you have ever made.
  17. Custom Build, if not which company? Dell Laptop or Desktop: Desktop OS: Windows XP Home Edition (SP3) Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHz Motherboard: Not sure... (whatever it is, it's stock) Video/Graphics: Not sure... (whatever it is, it's stock) How much HD space? 71.4 gigs How much RAM? 1.25 GB (originally had only 1/4 gig of RAM)
  18. Pretty nice, Brandon. The only thing I don't like about it though is the font. It looks like a font that was already installed on your computer. Go to http://www.dafont.com/ to try some different fonts that suit your style better. 8.1/10 (Would've been higher if you used a different font!)
  19. I don't like it only because it looks like you just used every plug-in. And I just don't like the colors. The only problems though are just personal opinions. I don't see that you did anything "wrong" or anything that's blurry. So... I'll rate it a 6/10. I do like your avatar. I think a sig that matches your avatar would be great. EDIT: This is my first abstract signature. I needed to try different styles, so I tried abstract. This is something VERY different for me.
  20. You need to have a separate image hosting site (such as http://www.photobucket.com/). Upload the image on that site and then use the tag to use the image on the forum. Try this tut: Cutting out images the easy way Try this tut: How to use images in your posts, signatures, and avatars. This is the wrong place for this question though. (That means that it will probably be moved. Next time, please read the forum rules before you post ANYTHING.) Have a great day!
  21. That's disappointing... You should try and use your talent to do something that is a little more creative... That's my [two cents]. I completely agree with barkbark00. I think I may have said something before about your creations not being unique. You really are talented; don't get me wrong. It's just that you're kinda thriving off other people's creations by recreating them or call it "gaining inspiration". On sort of another note... I hear that you make wallpapers (or other stuff) for your fans. Although I don't like that you "gain inspiration" from other pieces of work, I really do love your stuff. So... I was wondering if you could create something ORIGINAL for me? Please?? I just want something absolutely original. No inspiration, no nothing. (Except PdN, of course.) This is a free country (I guess you're from the US), and you don't have to create ANYTHING for ANYONE, but I would be an even bigger fan of yours if you did. Thanks, and wanna see some original stuff!!
  22. You mean here in the forums, right? Not in this world? Though it would be hard to live without Paint.NET in this world.
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