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  1. Your post is titled "copy and paste", but you talk about "CUT and paste". The checker board is how the program represents a transparent area, and the checkerboard will not show up in any saved images. If you are "cutting" and pasting, then you have moved your image from one place to another, leaving a transparent area in your source image, which looks like a checker board. If you don't want to "move" the image, then be sure to "COPY" and paste, which will leave your original image intact.

  2. Less guns would cause a decline in crimes is all that I'm saying. Please understand that, pleaaase.

    Bossk... I think what you are failing to understand, or maybe refusing to understand, is that the people you think do not understand what you are saying actually DO understand, and are simply disagreeing with you. All the data that was just presented (twice) was specifically to try and explain that in fact less guns means MORE crimes, or at least that is what the statistics are suggesting.

  3. im working on a web page, someone pointed me toward some Photoshop tuts, im trying to create one in PDN, heres wat i have so far, id like some input on if im on the right track.

    Well, the red bar's reflection on top doesn't look the same.

    Also, the diagonal lines on yours are'nt as dark as they should be.

    Other than that, looking good!

    thanks expiration, i noticed that, i didnt do it quite the same, wanted to make it some what original lol, do you think it would look better if i did that?

    For what it's worth, I would think a direct port from PS to PDN, as exact as possible, is a better tutorial, since it "proves" that it can be done in PDN. Others might disagree, but to me the whole point of doing a PS tut in PDN is to show that you can make it "exactly" like it is in PS.

  4. I think that the best solution is putting all the violent people on a big island, and letting them hit each other over the head with coconuts. The rest of us could enjoy our intelectual (or physical, whatever floats your boat) persuits without threats from thick-skulled lunatics called violent people. Wouldn't that be nice?

    They did that... it's called Australia.

  5. The render and distort menu are getting too big though. (due to plug-ins of coarse)

    We'll just stop writing Renders and Distortions, then ;)

    I have been thinking about just putting all of the plugins that I write in my own menu, like "effects->jchunn", just so people wont have so many plugins cluttering up the render menu. There are only a few people writing plugins... so even if everyone did that, it would only add 5 or 10 items to the main effects menu, and then you could just jump to "madjik" or "boltbait" or whatever, and just see their plugins.

    I don't know about everyone else... but that is the way I would rather see it. Ideally, in a future version of PDN, it would be nice if the user could organize their plugins themselves, kinda like the favorites menu in IE.

  6. In Kennesaw, GA, it is a law that every head of household own a gun and ammo for that gun (with some exceptions). The crime rate in Kennesaw is 1/5 that of other cities in GA.

    Criminals are weak, lazy, and most importantly, cowards. If you want to discourage them, simply have equal firepower and they will cower in fear.

    If you are a vegitarian, that has nothing to do with this topic. If you are a Vegan, that has a "little" to do with this topic. The debate of gun ownership is mosty about the criminal use of firearms to kill PEOPLE. Unless you are talking about canibals, veganism doesn't have much to do with hunting and hunters. Vegitarianism is about what some consider to be healthy eating (I have no opinion one way or the other on that). Veganism is about that PLUS animal treatment.

    I do not own a gun, but I also do not have a problem with law abiding citizens owning guns. Criminals will ALWAYS have guns. Gun control is about keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.


  7. Download Here

    After struggling (and watching others struggle) with magic wand, I put this one together.

    It is something like magic wand, but with the ability to fine tune the color and alpha channels, or ignore them altogether.


    Tolerance (range):

    Allows you to set a range or precision for the plugin to use when selecting (or excluding) pixels. If set to 50, for example, and Red is set to 100, it will select pixels that have a red channel value from 75 to 125 (a range of 50), assuming all other channels are ignored.


    Use Red Channel: check to include the red channel settings in the pixel selection criteria.

    Value: The value of the red channel (+/- Tolerance) to look for when deciding whether or not to select a pixel.

    Blue, Green, and Alpha... same as red.

    Exclude: Un-check to pick pixels that meet criteria. Check to "invert" selection.

    Fill: Uncheck to "delete" selected pixels. Check to fill selected pixels with primary color. You can then use the "real" magic wand with a low tolerance to select that color (or transparency) if you want to run another effect based on that selection.

    "Color Replace" will show up in the menu: "Effects->Color Replace".

    Here are some examples:

    Original image:

    (image link broken)

    Starting with the original, you can do lots of other things, like:

    (image link broken)


    Jesse Chunn



  8. The only thing I can nail it down to is the 6 calls to SetPropertyControlValue where you aren't sending strings:

    configUI.SetPropertyControlValue(Settings.Width, ControlInfoPropertyNames.SliderLargeChange, 10.0#)

    Is "10.0#" the VB syntax for a System.Double or a System.Single (aka double or float, at least in C#) ? In either case, those properties need a System.Double and we've been seeing some cases where the .NET Runtime is being cranky about value unboxing-then-casting where it wasn't before, or where we aren't expecting it to be.

    From the vb.net documentation:

    Appending the identifier type character # to any identifier forces it to Double.

    The equivalent .NET data type is System.Double.

    I could change the code to be more explicit (ctype(xxx, system.double)), but it should work the way it is.

    I'll change it for the next release, just in case. The stack trace seems to agree with what you are saying, but I don't know why it would work for me and others most of the time but then fail "occasionally".

    If anyone else experiences these errors (or any errors) it would be very helpful if I had another stack trace, just to verify this was not related to people having two versions installed at the same time, somehow confusing the runtime (.Net) or the host (PDN).

    Thanks for following up Rick.

  9. Hey everybody, got a question here. Anybody know a good way to make craters? I'm trying to make a moon and want to have some good smashes in it. Any ideas?

    Try this...

    Do a mandlebrot fractal (effects->render) and then an outline (effects->stylize) or emboss (effects->stylize). From there just play around with various settings and effects.

    This uses mandlebrot fractal and then emboss:


    Let me know if that works for ya.

  10. If you are getting duplicates (more than one copy of bricks or varicose in your effects menu), please try the following and let me know if this fixes the problem.

    1. Close all instances of PDN.

    2. Go to "c:\program files\Paint.Net\effects\" (or whereever your "effects" folder is).

    3. Delete varicose.dll AND jchunn.dll.

    4. Run PDN.

    5. Verify that you do not have any of the following effects in the effect menu:




    If you have any of those, well... you have something seriously wrong with your installation, or you didn't "really" delete the files, or your effects folder is not where you think it is, or something else has gone wacky with your computer.

    7. Close PDN again.

    6. Re-download "jchunn.zip".

    7. Unzip "jchunn.zip" and verify that it contains ONLY jchunn.dll.

    8. Copy ONLY "jchunn.dll" to your effects folder.

    9. Run PDN.

    10. Verify that you have the following effects:

    One copy of effects->render->Varicose

    One copy of effects->render->Bricks

    NO copy of effects->object->Varicose

    If you do all that, and still have two copies of either bricks or varicose (or both), please post here again... that means either something is wrong with the plugin, something is wrong with PDN, or something is wrong with your installation... and I'll need to try and figure out which one it is.

  11. Looks like jchunn is probably using PdnResources to load some text. If so, this plugin will not work in future versions of Paint.NET. Plugins must not use PdnResources.

    No, I am not. The plugin is not doing anything out of the ordinary. I am at work, so I can't post the latest source, but I am not doing anything differently than what is in this earlier version, other than re-arranging some of the effect logic for the "bricks" effect:


    That is vb.net, but it is very simple and easy to follow. Certainly, a quick look will make it obvious that (unless I am completely missing something) I am not doing anything fancy with resources. I am simply modifying a few pixels. Very straightforward stuff.

    It is possible that I have a reference to the resources dll, but if I do, it was simply a matter of setting the reference, and never using it.

    If you (Rick) want to just quickly open the source and take a quick look (even in notepad if you didn't install vb) you should be able to verify that I am not doing anything out of the ordinary. If I am, let me know what it is and I'll go back to the drawing board, but this is pretty basic stuff, so I'd doubt it.

    The only thing I "am" doing that is different from the other examples I've seen posted is that I am using the "my.resources" namespace, instead of embedding the resources the way others are doing it in C#, strictly for the effect icon... but that shouldn't matter since I am still just returning a bitmap.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


  12. Nice job on the new one. Was it made in VB.NET as well?

    Thanks, and yes. I just added the new plugin to the existing code (added a class).

    I've got 2 bricks and 2 varicose and i've got a error with my version(3.20)
    But I've got 2x Bricks... in my menu!

    Not sure why you have 2 bricks. I changed the filename of the dll, so it makes sense that you would have 2 varicose (the old one and the one in this dll)... just delete the old varicose.dll and you should be fine. I'll try not to change file names in the future to avoid that problem. If you delete varicose.dll and still see 2 bricks OR 2 varicose, let me know.

    As for your error, I am running 3.22, so maybe there is a compatibility problem... not sure, but it seems to work fine for me. I am checking all types, and the input controls (I assume) will not allow invalid input.

  13. This plugin is a part of the "Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack" and can be downloaded HERE

    Once installed, "Bricks" will show up in the "Render" submenu.

    Here are some examples:

    This image uses "Bricks" to create texture.


    Here is a tutorial to create a brick wall.

    (link to old forum removed - please use search: http://searchpaint.net/ )

    This effect is a part of Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack located at:

    Jesse Chunn Plugin Pack

    All comments welcome.


    Jesse Chunn.

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