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  1. Oh duh, Silly me... :oops: I think now I have what I wanted. Thanks.
  2. That wouldn't help. As I said, I want to color my sketches (by hand, that's why I use the Paintbrush). I thought about what you said but the point is, I still need to see the lines in the picture to color it correctly. Does that make sense? Sorry, I'm not a native-speaker
  3. Hello, I'm sorry if this was asked before (couldn't find it). Anyways, The Paintbrush tool with transparency looks like in the picture below: Is it better to (always) look like in the red circle? I wonder if it can be changed because I think it will be much easier for me to color my sketches. Thanks for your time. and Merry Christmas to you -Chris.
  4. sorry i have to quote myself but stuff(s) i posted here (3 times) got no comment at all im so unlucky.
  5. Hey, look at my new ava and sig, what do you think? well, i drew the dragon. and i found it useless to post the pictures again.
  6. .... i just simply feather this one more than once. any better? (image) I did this without any plugin. I duplicated the layer and applied motion blur with different angles, then faded with gradient in transparency mode. (img) Bye, Pyjo yes, motion blur can definitely help sometimes. i used it with aurora effect before. but nobody seemed to care about that topic anymore since.
  7. DRILL, the first one is not realistic because the relection of the text on the button is impossible. the second one need more anti-aliasing.
  8. Beautiful. Except for the swoosh. The swoosh could use some AA. >_> ... I wish I could find people/contests that pay hundreds of dollars! [pouts] i've tried everything but i cant fix the swoosh try to combine effects-- single stuff doesnt always work. usually duplicate layer-feather the top one-blur the bottom one-even outline object when needed-do it over again until you get what you want. edit: i just simply feather this one more than once. any better?
  9. My 5-minute creation. Ok for a present wrapping paper aint it? Ive never made something this fast. Tell me what you think.
  10. Many thanks. By the way, still counting everyday for the 4.0 version... You-know-why.
  11. I'm sorry if this topic is too old but I really want to talk more about this. I was trying to find an easier way to anti-aliasing than MadJik's solution; and blooper101's and/or Ash's didn't work for me (seriously Ash, have you even tried?). I wonder if Cris can tell how he made his picture. I found an pretty ok way to do this after 30 minutes looking everywhere and trying every (kinda blurring) plugin. The only one that worked was the motion blur. If you're interested in how it works, tell me. This is the ad I made for my class with that simple technique (the background) [Click to enlarge] Still, Cris, can you tell us how you made yours?
  12. Best pic so far. Thanks all I found pleasure while working on it. Im also working on a dragon for my sig- hope it will turn out good
  13. hah... actually that is simple but takes time. i drew the phoenix (if you can see that is a phoenix ) on paper and scanned-- the fire effect is in tut-topics. yep, takes a lot of time to do with layers and lines (parts of the phoenix)
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