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  1. any suggestions on the best learning program? I downloaded Microsoft Visual basic, figured that was as good a place to start as any...
  2. well, I think it's pretty safe to say that there are several people here who know how to design software ( since one of ya'll developed the best freeware image editing software available) so here's my question. I want to learn how to develop software. I am searching through the online tutorials and references in order to get an idea of what I'm getting myself into, but is it really as hard as it looks? I taught myself HTML, so is it possible to learn this on my own, or should I rethink the whole idea?
  3. as far as the problems go: when you hit the program and it reners the 3-D image, PDN isn't frozen, the problem is that the interface doesn't load, but for some reason the program thinks that it has. there is nothing wrong with PDN, or teh plugin, it just seems that there is some sort of mixup between the plugin, the program, and your system. unfortunately, it only happens with some systems, mine being one of them. while I am not a computer expert, I have been looking through my computer trying to figure out what the cause is. If I can figure it out, I'll let yall know.
  4. Ok, sorry. I had searched for "thumbnail view" and didn't see anything relevent to what I had posted, so I didn't figure that It had been brought up before.
  5. actually what I am reffering to would be similar to the microsoft paint programs thumbnail view, showing a thumbnail of the image with a small rectangular box showing which part of the image you are working on while zoomed in.
  6. well, I'm probably not going to make any friends with this post , but since asked, here goes: yes, I firmly believe in capital punishment. I do, however, believe that the rules should change. I believe that someone who commits a violent premeditated murder for no reason should be executed. I also believe that child Killers, rapists etc. should also be put on that same list. why should i have to pay for someone like that to live comfortably for the rest of their lives? why sould I pay for them to get a college degree, while sitting around all day pumping Iron, watching Cinemax, and all that? I shouldn't. those who don't qualify for the death penalty should have to pay their own way through hard work in a chain gang.
  7. I was just wondering, is there any way that a thumbnail view feature could be added on certain zoom levels? I frequently use a large amount of zoom while working on images (i'll admit, its probably because I'm not anywhere nnear as good as most of ya'll) but I believe that this feature would be very handy. If this is something that can't be done, or something that has been beat to death before I got here, I'm sorry and lock this thread, but I for one could see a lot of use in a feature like this.
  8. I believe that this plug-in will need to be updated for the new version of paint.net. when I used it with v.3.20 , and then again with v. 3.22 the user interface never came up. it just rendered a sphere. after it gave me a sphere, every time I hit anything it just beeped ( like the interface was onscreen and I hadn't hit OK) ... I hope that explanation made sense...
  9. I tried using shape3d, but when I clicked on it, instead of the user interface coming up, it automatically put the text into a sphere and then froze up paint.net. I'm going to go back and update my pdn to 3.22 and see if there is an update for the shape 3d plugin, or if there may just be something wrong with my computer.. edit: I upgraded to 3.22, and tried again, but still the same result.. I posted on the shape 3d thread about it, so maybe the plugin's author can be notified of the problem, just waiting to see if the problem is plug-in compatibility, or my computer.
  10. I'm sorry, I should have posted an example. no, the arched text that I am reffering to is more like this
  11. Is there a way through a plugin or otherwise that I can arch the text that I add in PDN? I have looked through the plugins and the tutorials ( well, through MOST of them) and have not found any help. the only way that I can do it right now is to select each character one at a time and use the rotate tool . Is there an easier way, or will I have to just keep doing it this way?
  12. I am new to this forum and to paint.net, so I may even have no business getting involved in this , but I would like to say this. I have seen some of the work done here by some of the more veteran mambers, and I am amazed at how good they are. a couple of weeks ago, I honestly didn't realize what the "magic wand" feature did. I understand that I don't know nearly as much as some of the other guys, and I really can't show anybody here anything that they dont know. therefore, I'll no be creating any tuts. everyone needs to realize their limitations in something. If you don't really know the potential of a subject, why do you feel that you are qualified to instruct anyone else on it's use? On the other hand , there are some members who insist on making rather snappy remarks about someones non-tutorials, these people should realize that these people making these tuts are probably just trying to find acceptance on this forum, and they feel that their attempts at a tutorial is the only way to gain that acceptance.
  13. well, I'm new on this forum, and really new to paint.net, but I figured mine didn't turn out too terribly bad ( just don't laugh too hard)
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