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  1. How about how to make light imaged dark?..like u know how you made the forest lighter?..how about how to make it darker?.
  2. Hey Everyone..I keep seeing all these "Plugins"..but i have no clue how to use them..i'll click on the links and what not..save it to my desk top..click it..then i dont know what to do from there..so could someone please walk me threw how to acctually get the plugin INTO paint.net for me?.
  3. It does..very nice job..i like it a lot..10/10. would be cooler if u had a shark swimming behind your name or something of the sort. I understand that can be difficult tho. I wish i could make Sigs/Avs like that..but im not that talented yet tho, lol.
  4. hey guys..i just made a signature right..and i have no clue how to actually make it my signature!! im sure u need the "URL" for it..but i made it..and i cant find out how t oget the URL..so someone please help me.
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