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  1. Pidgin for sure. 2 Nickels or a dime?
  2. As many as Bill Gates can afford to pay How long does it take to eat string cheese?
  3. I want chipmunks, (that how you spell it?) well, u get a 8/10 from me on it
  4. Nope, getting it this summer :twisted: (time to hit people) TPBM is a dA member
  5. You get a new motherboard but it shorts out within two days time! I wish i could go to paris
  6. ...You go to school and wait all day just to come home to your beloved PDN
  7. False, i actually prefer Last to first TPBM is addicted to mountain dew
  8. I'm thinking something that shows my love of Computer programming
  9. Who has time to talk with all the pictures that need made? Why is the Sky blue?
  10. ...When your sitting in class and you want to use the :ZoomIn: Zoom In button to see the board better. (Happened To me before)
  11. Lots of people on here, I didn't really Like the "Start with the last line of the other person's Haiku Thread so I decided to make one of My own Just Post a Haiku and A Picture to go with it :shock: ..Simple as That.. Just like reading poetry and love some of the pictures some people make to go with them! So ok i will Start Watching the Clock Tick Second after second goes Life goes by so Slow
  12. Trueio Liek a Monkey! TPBM is awesome!, (Like me)
  13. That was the bomb of a comic, i read it a while back! Anyways, I got my username from WoW My brother made the name Xuni, and i was wtf pwnage... and so i used XunE Ever Since
  14. Feeling Of Falling Frail souls cast themselves Fall so quickly down and down Try to Get up Quick
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