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  1. Pidgin for sure. 2 Nickels or a dime?
  2. As many as Bill Gates can afford to pay How long does it take to eat string cheese?
  3. I want chipmunks, (that how you spell it?) well, u get a 8/10 from me on it
  4. Nope, getting it this summer :twisted: (time to hit people) TPBM is a dA member
  5. Load the Full size for better quality Something like that?
  6. You get a new motherboard but it shorts out within two days time! I wish i could go to paris
  7. Well of course we have to get drunk with him! Can i fly?
  8. ...You go to school and wait all day just to come home to your beloved PDN
  9. False, i actually prefer Last to first TPBM is addicted to mountain dew