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  1. This is an awesome tutorial. Easy to follow, and the end result is very cool. Plus, if you change a few things around, you can do other effects, like I did a moving shadow, etc. Thanks!
  2. I must say, this could prove to be very useful. Thanks Sabrown!
  3. I must say, this is ingenious! I often make or modify pictures for my 1280 x 800 screen, and this makes it easier than having to save over and over again, which is very annoying IMO. Great plugin! One suggestion (Which i believe has been mentioned before): Make it able to actually set it as the desktop background. Otherwise, nice job, now one of my favorite plugins .
  4. This tutorial works great, and is really easy to do! Thanks. It also works well with making images that are "on fire". With a few exceptions, but it has a similar concept. Nice tut!
  5. Love the new update, seems to load faster too . I like the spacing part, and the bigger brush size! Awesome!
  6. I did that, the problem is that the brushes are too small... I have a wave kinda techno vector that is 2000x2000 (The size it came in) and it comes out way too small when I use it in Custom Brushes...
  7. Umm, I just found something else. I guess that depending on the size, the plugin resizes the brush or something because I had this brush: But when I tried to use it in Custom Brushes, this is what it looked like: So, umm, is this fixable, or do I have to make the brush smaller? **Edit** I tried making the brush smaller, and that didn't work. Then I tried making the width in the same as the height and that worked, except the brush was much smaller than what it should have been, even on 250...
  8. Actually, the first time it froze, and then I got impatient and went into Task Manager and ended PDN from there. When I tried it again, I walked away for a bit, and when I came back it said there was a crash.
  9. They're all .png and I've imported quite a few, lol. I got them from DeviantArt. Here's the crash log (If it helps). Features log: UpdatesState(StartupState), UpdatesState(ReadyToCheckState), SetTool(PaintDotNet.Tools.PaintBrushTool), HM(NullHistoryMemento), ShowDialog(PaintDotNet.ToolsForm), ShowDialog(PaintDotNet.ColorsForm), ShowDialog(PaintDotNet.HistoryForm), ShowDialog(PaintDotNet.LayerForm), ShowDialog(PaintDotNet.MainForm), PopulateFonts(), Menu.Effects, Effect(CustomBrushes.EffectPlugin) Loaded assemblies: mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e
  10. Hi, like I said before, I love this plugin, but I recently encountered a problem with it. I have a lot of imported Photoshop brushes, and when I tried to open it, it froze my computer...
  11. There already is a zoom function. Look at the toolbar. Oooh, my bad, lol, I feel stupid. Well, sweet, its like, 99% perfect now .
  12. Can't. Not possible. Oh, ok, well then, like the guy above me asked, would it be possible to put in rulers so we know where we need to be brushing. Oh, and would it also be possible to be able to put in zoom, because when I'm working with 1280x800 (widescreen) its kinda bothersome to have to keep scrolling from left to right, etc etc. Like a zoom out and zoom in or something...just ideas.
  13. This is one of the best plugins for Paint.NET ever, but as said by Mike (^) I'd like to be able to see the layers, so I know just where I'm putting the brush . Otherwise, amazing plugin!
  14. Hey guys. I love this plugin! Good job. It also works great to make an inner glow kind of effect. Ash actually kinda told how to do it and it works great!
  15. That works great! Thanks Ash. Id never have thought of that, lol. Both white and then glaussian blur, and finally a bit of frosted glass. Thanks man!
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