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  1. All of these are cool! Playing around with gradient bars and polar inversion +
  2. cool...thank you for the feedback...
  3. Man I hope I get as good as you guys those are awesome :shock: I'm very new to fractal...been playing around with Chaoscope. Learning what things do... and I created this. It was done with Icon/light then I did some background work in paint( lens flare and color balance)
  4. Did some different things with Make a wave and go this. I call it "Turmoil"
  5. This is my try. I really like this tut, you can go so many different ways with it.
  6. Thanks Mike, This kind of info helps a newbie like me. Great work!
  7. wow...all of these are great. here are a few of my sigs.....enjoy I'm Voyager freak...so made this for another forum.
  8. luv this tut...thanks this it what I did.....
  9. hello everyone...I'm a newbie and a lurker. I have delurked...tee hee. to share my stuff. Thanks pyro the tut it is awesome!
  10. Andrew,I will try the plug in . thank you Ben_R_R your example did not come up.
  11. Hello I'm new here but I have been using the program for about 6 months. Can some one point me to a tut or help me out on making televison lines on a pic.
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