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  1. I have a great idea for a short film and i was wondering if anyone knew a free or cheap 3d animation program.
  2. omg, i cant stand that band. i hate their music
  3. 8/10 it looks cool but the glow is too bright. btw, you didn't rate mine
  4. i didn't make them. i found them in an ad for Zoloft
  5. This tut is cool but I have a question. WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN STICKIED!?!?
  6. thanks lol, it probably has some influences from that because i have read all of those comics.
  7. its just a random comedy strip. (i added the only 2 strips i have made so far)
  8. Im starting a webcomic on my deviantart page and i cant think of a name. anyone got some ideas? btw, im making more character designs.
  9. Rant: There are people on CoD4 who call me a n00b for using a grenade launcher but they never realize that they are n00bs for not being able to kill me
  10. that would be cool. you could get ideas from people when you are working
  11. i wish i had photoshop then i could use it with pdn because of the psd file format plugin
  12. why dont people go in the pdn chat room on deviant art anymore?
  13. well, im gunna join the marines when im 18 and if i dont get killed, im gunna be a graphic designer
  14. I cant think of anything to make in Paint.NET and I want to know what you guys do to get ideas.
  15. i joined in august 2007 when one of my friends that i never knew used pdn showed me his work and i asked him how he did it and he showed me the forum. before that, my pdn creations sucked
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