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  1. eheheh you got me lmao but i didnt really laugh my butt off uhhmm none of them answered my question. i joined the forums and and made a thread there but i still havent gotten any feedback since i posted it at around 20 minutes ago like in pdn forum when i get feedback in like 40 seconds
  2. guess whats hilarious; NONE OF THOSE ARE THE ONES I HAVE AHAHAH gotcha
  3. ok wellll i dont know where else to put it... its overflow i dont get why it says you can put anything but you cnat put little questions like this
  4. well ive had flight simulator 2004, for about 3 years and i just recently found it under my desk and dug out my joysticks. ive played it well over a couple months years ago and it was fine with my joysticks, but i was trying to play it today and nothing works. thers only one cord to hook up the joysticks; a usb cord so i know there connected some how My joysticks: Saitek X45
  5. BEFORE See the problem is that theres no left side of his head. and other parts like his shoulder see theres some rough parts (circled)
  6. this is the kind of stencil im talking about not my stencil -- i would show mine but i havent uploaded the pics. with photoshop you can make stencils like this but i cant figure it out on paint.net
  7. My CS3 trial offer is over and i dont know how to make stencils on Paint.net just on photoshop. Does anyone know how/or know what im talking about?
  8. Sick Sick Sick By Queens Of The Stone Age. Boss Tycoon By Mac Dre.
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