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  1. Sick Sick Sick By Queens Of The Stone Age. Boss Tycoon By Mac Dre.
  2. how do you get custom bars extension..... i want it!
  3. Okay it wasn't just me. It was really messed up :shock: http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/1683/erroref4.png You have to like one of their songs.... First time I heard Holiday I loved it. then I listened to I fought the law then I though "They suck" then I listened to some more and thought they weren't bad. uhhhhh yeah that was meeeee......ssoooooooooo, dont have to lie?
  4. Greenday sucks major face hole, a lot of face hole... a lot
  5. Theres a Program called pivot stick figure animator and this .gif looks exactly like what u can do with the program, so theres no way you made it on PdN
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