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  1. [walks in to retarded rant thing] [desperately tries to stay on the 'true' topic]

    Well, um... I have a RAZR! ... I'm not cool enough (well, ok, I've never really tried) to have a custom background for it. But after reading this I want to try. Hopefully, Alltel will let me send whatever picture to my phone without charging me. I like it better when things are free. :D

    Haha. Right as I started posting this 'I Used to Hate Cell Phones, Now I Hate Car Accidents' from Norma Jean started playing. Interesting timing.

  2. Mine came from playing around with the planetary rings tut and using rect to polar on a glowing version of my name. Yeah, the only reason I have it like that is that I happened to use a bunch of different random effects without any rhyme or reason.

    The more I think about it, 'Wither' doesn't really describe my art style. More like... erratic, or arbitrary... or George.

  3. I've had my camera for awhile now. It's a Kodak EasyShare CX7525

    (here's a nice happy picture of it!


    Anyway, on to my 'problem'. To my knowledge, it only saves the videos I take with it in .MOV format (I'm aware that it's a camera and not a camcorder, I still enjoy recording videos with it).

    I use Windows, and Quicktime doesn't seem to like working with me. So I can't really do anything with my videos.

    Not that I actually know how to edit videos, but how will I ever learn without experience? :P

    Moving right along...

    Are there any good .MOV converters (preferably... ok, exclusively, the free kind :D~) or maybe a way to change the format my camera saves videos? Any help on that would be appreciated.


    Now the barrage of super-obvious solutions that I overlooked may begin!

  4. First Name







    Unemployed. Though I do lots of volunteer work.


    Music and image editing

    Favorite tech item

    um? My computer I guess

    Favorite and most despised software


    PdN is definitely my favorite


    I can't think of one I 'despise'

    Favorite and most despised games


    DDR! :D


    I never much got into FPS games.

    Favorite and most despised band, song and music genre

    Favorite Band(s)

    I can't get enough Skillet, Demon Hunter, or Red. (don't make me choose...)

    Despised Band


    Favorite Genre

    Hard rock

    Despised Genre


    What is your most enjoyable outdoor activity? Going for a walk/jog

    Skipped the one's to which I couldn't think of an answer.

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