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  1. thanks sabrown100, Is there a way to try and learn how to write tools like wand,clone rather than effects ? If yes is there any textual information about that rather than code available ?
  2. frankly no, but my understanding is i have to write a method that get pixel data as parameter and i have to manipulate those pixels based on my custom effect ...
  3. sabrown100 is that my writing style confuses you if yes sorry English is not my first language
  4. sabrown100 i am not looking for C# books to learn C# code alone did not help me much thats why i am looking for books that help me to understand the concepts of how editors designed/programmed ...
  5. may you recommend a C# book that will help/aid me to understand source code
  6. thanks sabrown100, Yes, i know is written in C# but i am looking for books that help me to understand how image editors programmed with a help of preferably C++ coding ?
  7. Hi, I do not have much understanding of how image editors are programmed , Please recommend some (preferably C++) books/articles/libraries that will help me to understand the source code of tools like Magic Wand,Clone Stamp etc ... Thanks in advance