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  1. Thank you for the comment. She is the joy of our lives. I did something like that originally, but the overall effect took away from the picture aura itself. So instead, I kept her eyes blue, giveing her that glow.
  2. Last week, my daughter climbed upstairs and found the fun of a bucket next to my wife's drums. We had to take a picture! (Sorry, I'm not the best at photo editing yet so don't be too harsh )
  3. False. TPBM has way too many things on their plate and is ready for a long vacation/holiday.
  4. I don't have a zune or an iPod. However I do have a Zen vision M.
  5. Hmm, thought making it public would allow others to edit it. I will have to look into it. And the name is just a name. Notice that it is the same as your signature.
  6. Deleted due to map not working. /sorry
  7. BoltBait, you seem sort of fond of ole'Chucky... I have only one question... Brothers? BTW: Yoda. Nothing can compare to an old shriveled up, backwards talking, intelligent thinking, logical ... um ... thing.
  8. Good catch. I did not see the date of mgkirk's reply. And I suppose no one else did after replying to it either. It should be locked I suppose. No more replies on my end. Last post on this topic before today's reply: Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2006 12:48 am Now 7 replies because of Mgkirk's revival.
  9. Yes and no. (How'd you like that answer?). Yes in the fact that the vending machines are in their schools, thus making them responsible and the right to regulate what is placed in them. School boards may allow candy bar but they won't allow a beer (ignore the age restrictions of course, just an example. No because it is ultimately the child's choice and responsibility to pick what they want out of vending machines in school. If school boards regulate what is placed and only has healthy foods, chances are kids will not buy anything and choose to bring their own junkfood. Which I think most do anyway. Agreed. I personally never bought stuff out of school vending machines, but that was because I was frugal and hated to think someone was making a decent profit off impulse buys from other people. But for them, junk food and soda is what sells, and what sells gives money, and money has power to influence. As stated in my reply above, I fully agree. Right now, quite a few parents don't teach their kids to make wise good life choices (starting with vending machine choices hehe). Teaching them right while they are young (go for the apple not the cupcake, might help them later on in life in decisions on whether to have a salad instead of a BigMac. In recent times, there have been too many issues being solved by laws or regulations by the government, organizations, committees, schools, etc... to curb our choices, or to lead us in a direction of a certain choice. This topic of vending machine choices is a good example. Why should the school "have" to change what is placed in them? It is ultimately a person's choice whether to eat good or bad. Most kids, I'm sure, know what is healthy for them, but they want what tastes good. They sacrifice healthy food for pleasure. Too many regulations in schools now compared to when I was younger. No they should not be forced. The vendors should have the right to fill it up with whatever food they want. If a child eats bad, blame the parent and the kid, not the vendor! If a person gets drunk, drives home and hits a car, they should be held responsible because it was their choice. They should have never had the drink, or they could have made prior arrangements before drinking to get home. No one forced them to drink, just as no one forces kids to buy a candy bar and pop out of vending machines. Maybe a fair compromise would be to have vending machines that sold both healthy and junk food. We all know that the junk food will sell first, but I'm sure people will be surprised at how fast yogurt, water, etc sells.
  10. Thanks, and I'll give yours an 8/10. What font did you use? Sig Explanation: The constellations Orion looks "pixelly" because the lines connecting each star are dashes. After resizing the constellation the dashes began to look like pixels. I'll try to work on that. Maybe a line as thin as hair and partially transparent would look better. The other is the analemma. Same reasoning as above. I'll see what I can do.
  11. Pineapple, For some reason my daughter laughed when she saw yours. And because of that you get a perfect score! 10/10
  12. It's 100% PDN ImJustaNoob. 10/10. Clean and sleek.
  13. IE7 causes problems with the software I use at work. Thus, it gave me another reason to keep using FireFox. Even it it did not cause problems, it is not likely I would go back to IE anyway).
  14. When I see yours screenmutt, I feel like something is watching me. 10/10
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