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  1. snos is back from holidays! i just took a peek at the forum...everything it's kinda red and twinkles...did i missed sth essential?
  2. so...i'm out! =D see ya in two weeks...*hehe* italy, i'm coming!
  3. I did post it, but for any reason u weren't able to see the image (i used not the best server i guess ). I edited my post in your tut (as now I use photobucket)!
  4. As of next monday i'll be on vacation (two weeks), that's why i added a new userbar to my sig. I don't know if we'll have an internet access or sth like this, in any case no PdN! Will miss u all. *sniff*
  5. That's awesome MadJik! o.O Nice use of your new plug in. hehe...right! 8) very cool, also the background. like it =)
  6. Ash, that's just... :shock: ...I mean...DAMN!!! :shock:
  7. ouh, cool! o.O I didn't know about that thumbnail thing...thanks!
  8. very cool! =) i'd really like to know what you've done (as it's so easy =D ) Fragment and Polar Inversion?
  9. That's just awesome Ash! O.O I can't even think of any way to do sth like this... :? :shock:
  10. yeah...in most instances I save my images as png even thay are for the internet. x) *hehe* :D XD
  11. @ jake2k, Yata and Ash Thx! =D Besides...I'm a non-smoker and doesn't like smoking either! ps. Very cool Bentley jake2k!
  12. Out of Screenfrog's Tut -> (version 1 & 2 removed...) final version:
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