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  1. Not too bad! You could smoothe the edges from your objects a bit and maye add some shadow! ___edit___ ouh, now that's cool! Thank you sooo much Ash! =)))
  2. I just selected the red area, inverted the selection and deleted the messed up, black border, then I used the Feather Plugin and added some Drop Shadow
  3. Select the area you want to get rid of and try Surface Blur. :wink: ___edit___ right, Soften Portrait works as well
  4. (apart from that) neat result Hockeyflyers! Your metallic ring looks very nice. tftmt! (thx for trying my tut )
  5. Also the excessive use of Sine Waves can give a grunge look! _______snospmiS______ .........:click |::.........
  6. So do I! hmm...actually I wanted to finish the image, I made yesterday ( -> -> click ), but then I saw that thread about a grunge look in Q&GD and well...just tried to get such an effect and came up with a whole photo manipulation! _______snospmiS______ .........:click |::.........
  7. sth i'm currently working on ........:click |::........ it's not finished yet, but I become tired...*yawn* ^^'
  8. [off-topic] I love your avatar, Helio! [/off-topic] [sth on-topic] yeah...why not? [/sth on-topic]
  9. I guess that's me! But good that you mentioned it! I just was wondering "hm...well...wasn't that mine?!" nice result
  10. correct! I had to resize it. Of course the URL remained the same and that's why you see exactly the same image as my current ava. The supposed-to-be-one was a bit larger (120x150) ___edit___ full size (298x372)
  11. @ Cheezymcpoon Frojo is right, but apart from these trifles, you did a good job! The shadow of the figure is great! @ lolysmile Very neat result :!: You may add a reflection to the cam as well. @ Mystic Darkrider not too bad! Just move the reflection of the orb a bit upwards. Thx for posting your outcomes!
  12. Actually THIS was supposed to be my avatar upgrade, but well...the 20kB limit put a spoke in my wheel...=/
  13. wouh, I missed some really cool images! :shock: nice one! looks really realistic! I don't know...your images always have that...certain something! Just Ash. (Enough said about that. )
  14. mostly done! (ignore possible typos ) Thx Ash! Your pdf was a big help!
  15. in that case you will LOVE the missing part (give me half an hour )
  16. well...you're right...grml...I'll better start right now! >.< Thanks for the pdf! Better than nothing! and today I thought of going to bed a bit earlier
  17. damn!! no...I didn't! ****!! that was just so much work...all gone...
  18. what the ****??!! where is my tut??! O.O :shock: :shock: :shock:
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