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  1. its nice for what your advertising, but its kinda lacking in the background and the globe orb needs work... 6.9/10 BTW, you dont have to qoute everyone before you, if you want, just put @jerkfight or whatever
  2. i agree that is much better, not that i ever saw what the black pixel was. Oh well, very nice
  3. i think i fixed it a little too much EDIT: Now, i fixed it. I think?
  4. hows my orb? (yes i noticed the discoloration around the edge.)
  5. mabye you could use th drop shadow, change the tint or use a gradient, or zoom them out? :?:
  6. thats pretty awesome, just alittle fake. i dunno why
  7. right click>arrange icons by>Uncheck show desktop icons
  8. i know! it awesome but then it rained today
  9. on the ds -awesome games. i could list them off, but it would take to long. psp- a computer that plays a majority of bad games. not saying it's bad. just saying that i didn't complete the task it was created for. btw, the ds can do most of that with a 40 dollar mod chip.
  10. do you mean background? because i didn't make the render. but i made the rest of it. @ GangstaCrab that's nice. i like it. 9/10 awesome song as well
  11. EDIT: double posted. sorry my computer is lagging and is saying invalid session.
  12. as much as i like yours, the flashing gets annoying. 7.5/10
  13. you should flip so it is easier to read 9/10 better than the old one
  14. i like the checkered background and the semi transparent orb 9/10
  15. most of the time when i post, it says "Invalid Session. Please resubmit the form." I have to press submit probably 20 times before it works then it logs me out
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