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  1. you could probably just add a new layer, paint over it, and change the blending mode to multiply.
  2. what is that? fast zoom blur with a pencil sketch? its a nice effect
  3. made it smaller the only difference is the blending mode of the top green layer, lighten to screen... comaprison @ncfan, yes, it does. nice sig 8/10
  4. hows this? i know it's not much different, but i like it it? maybe? :?: (already rated your jerkfight)
  5. the edges need some work, maybe save it as a png? 9/10
  6. 9/10 not much to say it does kinda look like an alien head on fire though... (please don't have yata post after me again) :wink:
  7. anyone notice how the rules have fewer views than a lot of other threads?
  8. metroid prime 3 ftw! 9.5/10 (rain or whatever gets annoying) ES: nice effect. 9/10 Down: nice, but kinda dull. 8.9/10
  9. board? like a board game, or wooden boards? sry
  10. it's a good background, just not good text... (100th here too )
  11. thats pretty cool, i want to know how to do that.
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