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  1. Nicke

    Kiosk Orbs!

    cudnt do it messed up -.-
  2. lol im embarrased im so stupid lol
  3. when i look and gangstacrabs and barkbarks sigs i see the white line that covers a bit im in big need of knowing how to do that :S im sorry if it exists a tut for that but i havent found 1 so :oops: can any1 explain and help me with it ?
  4. i like the gray 1 altho im not capable of doing orbs... yet. to see from my eyes i think they look just fine
  5. i think ive got it atleast much better thanks
  6. Im Sig addicted so heres what ive done the past 2 days only been on PdN for like 4-5 days and also this cutie and a random thing i made
  7. happy with it gonna make new with other colors next time this Tut should get Sticky:ed coz its so Cool and Easy to do :O even i made right at first try and im so new to this programm ;D
  8. aight i will try with ur font and size but just 1 thing.. 200pt is it pixels u mean ? Edit: aah now i know what u mean..
  9. if u look at barkbark00's result u notice that he made a lot better
  10. i get this :S dunno why it wont work so well for me
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