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  1. Ohhh c`est bon madjik!^^ I`ll try it :wink:
  2. Very nice tut! Looks like mhm..... plants^^..the green you used is very nice^^
  3. I think to colore the picture with the curves is very simple. You can get each color you want but you have to set it from Luminosity to RGB then its easier to use( i think)
  4. Thank you xD.........but i chose english so i mustnt translate the description xD
  5. it looks good if you use the flames as a background
  6. plz man take another hp to translate your sentences xD
  7. how can i show you the pics i made??????? i have this prog since 3 months and i registred me 2days ago at the forum. I`m a noob i know but im just 14 and im from germany----> and my english.....sucks
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