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  1. I just came across a website with some incredible photomanipulation of animals - morphing two different animals together.

    Check it out here..... www.humandescent.com

    Browse through the 15 page gallery for some impressive and hilarious 'Animorphs' and 'Animangles'.

    I reckon something like this would be a great subject for the next competition.

    Open choice to all entrants, pick any two animals and 'morph' them together. What'dya think?

  2. I can't believe I haven't looked at this gallery before :|

    I know you're not meant/ allowed to swear on here, but ... ******* brilliant. As simple as.

    Absolutely stunning

    Thanks, welshblue, your comments are appreciated.

    I've been incredibly busy with work recently and simply haven't had the time to sit and find artistic inspiration. But I finally found a bit of time and came up with this, my first original submission in over three months; hope you enjoy it.


  3. I went to see 'The Dark Knight' over the weekend; I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it, but all I will say is if Heath ledger doesn't win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor I'll give up watching movies; his performance was truly spectacular - I would advise anyone to go and see this movie (even if you are not fans of Batman or Superhero flicks in general) for this reason alone.

    It ranks up with the greatest cinematic performances, and puts Nicholson's interpretation to shame.

    I am only sorry that the we will never see Ledger reprise the role. This was a coming of age performance and would have put Ledger at the top of the A-list; we have lost a truly gifted actor.

    My only criticism (and this is a small one) is that the film was a little too long - running at 2h 30m, I think it could have been tightened to just over the 2h mark; to keep the pace up. But it didn't stoop to stupid gimicks and slapstick humour for the sake of it and stayed true to the 'dark' interpretation that was always Nolan's vision.

    The visual effects for Harvey Dent's transformation into Two Face is truly stunning, and with no deliberate cliffhanger/pointer to the next installment (ie, the Joker reference at the end of 'Begins) and enough ambiguity as to the fate of certain characters, the scene is set to take the franchise in any direction and introduce any of the extensive back-catalogue of enemies to complete the trilogy.

    Am must see.

  4. I haven't been very active with PDN lately, hence no recent artwork posted in the forum.

    With nothing new to add, I thought I'd update my gallery by posting the signatures I've created (some were for proper forum use and others were SOTW entries).

    In (roughly) chronological order:












  5. Thanks, great tutorial!!!

    Heres my attempt!!


    Keep them coming!!


    Pretty good work for your first post in the forum; glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

    You managed to replicate the background exceptionally well, considering it is not part of the tut - however, you need to work on the sizes and angles of some of your chips, as well asthe resulting reflections. But still pretty impressive for your first attempt.

    Keep up the good work.


  6. This tutorial is great! Thanks for the help!

    Here is picture i edited with your tutorial. It worked perfectly, also very easy!





    Is it all right if i make a youtube tutorial video on this??

    You are more than welcome to make a YouTube version of this tutorial, providing that it very clearly promotes Paint.NET and references this original tutorial.

    Make sure you post a link to the video, once you have posted it.


  7. Illusive rock like texture...

    Regarding your title - did you mean...?

    Dictionary.com - Illusive - "Based on or having the nature of an illusion."


    Dictionary.com - Elusive - "Eluding clear perception or complete mental grasp; hard to express or define. Difficult to detect or grasp by the mind, or analyze. Hard to comprehend, solve or believe."

    Either probably describes it adequately, Just wondering if you meant to describe the piece as having the "Illusion" of a rock texture, or that you had been trying for a while to capture the "Elusive" rock texture. :?:

  8. I am posting too often here, I'll have to take a rest I suppose :D , but that's my "creative" period, here is the wonderful world of 3d, rotating layers, changing layers blend modes, drosting and adding a bit of kaleidoscoping ... (that's the title).


    Excellent, I love it the abstract image, but I don't think the frame is doing it any favours; the red doesn't enhance the image (IMO).

    I would have framed it quite differently (I hope you don't mind me messing with your image, but it's just for demonstration purposes)...


    I simply fill the frame area, on a new layer, black and set the transparency to 128%. Then on another layer, select the area inside the frame, set your primary and secondary colours to White, Effects > Render > Bevel: Depth 2, Strength 20 - I then set the blending mode of this layer to Overlay.

    Anyway, as I said, the abstract itself is stunning - great work.


  9. Aren't you describing Zoom blur?

    Sort of, but in the opposite direction - blurring inward toward a point, rather than outward from a point.

    It's more like zoom blur+

    Zoom blur that the slider can go to - value.

    The reason I pitched this as Motion Blur+ was that I like the current level of distance control you get with Motion blur, but rather than blurring in uniform straight lines an improved version would allow the user to blur toward a single focal point. I suppose this could be added as an improvement to the current Zoom Blur Deluxe, with the ability to select negative values.

    I thought of that idea, also. That could be really helpful!

    Couldn't that be achieved by mixing the source for Bulge and Zoom-Blur?

    Bulge 'bulges' inwards too... And Zoom Blur would, well, blur it... :)

    I would see this as more a combination of Bulge (with the ability to use negative values) and Motion Blur; but yes, you've kinda got the right idea.

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