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  1. And so Expiration dived into the mysterious world of glass...


    *with cjmcguinness' as an example

    Looking good, you obviously figured out the Shape 3D settings no problem. It does, however, look somewhat 'cloudy'.

    Try toning down the contrast of the base image. Also, if you lower the opacity of the glass block and duplicate it, using curves and combinations of layer blend modes (color dodge or reflect) you might get a better result.

    Also, try putting some sort of background, something that will show off the glass and allow you to play with refractions (distortions through the glass).


  2. @cjmcguinness: WOW!!! :shock: - very nice (glass effect)!
    i just wish there was a glass tut, it would probably be long, but it would be nice for a "basic glass tut"
    "amazing" "awesome" "spectacular" and "where's the tutorial for that work?!" That's on a level I can only admire and envy.
    ...And CJ... :shock: I must learn the secrets of glass...

    Thanks for all the comments. As for a tutorial, I (and many others) requested similar from Ash a while back when he was posting fantastic glass/ice work. Ash was reluctant to post a tutorial, and I can now understand why. There is no hard and fast method; the effect can be achieved in many different ways - each of my three glass pieces, while using similar methods (Shape 3D), have started with a different base image and utilised varying combinations of effects, adjustments, layers, colours, curves and layer blend modes - it feel it would be quite difficult to produce a standardised tutorial.

    In a way, I'm kind of glad that there was no established tutorial for this. It forced me to work this out for myself. It's all about experimentation and practise, practise, practise. I'm really still learning this technique myself, each new piece teaches me something new. Perhaps further down the line when I've established some standardized method that produces consistent results I will write up a tutorial.


  3. Where is this file? And what for sort settings?

    I have uploaded the Curved Card and Poker Chip .xml files again; not sure what happened to the originals - they were definitely available before.

    You should download these attachments and extract the files; I usually put mine in a Shape 3D folder within the Paint.NET user files (located in My Documents). When you are using the Shape 3D plugin, click the XML option at the bottom and select 'Load'. You can now load the extracted .xml file with all the settings.


  4. How come i can't aligned my black rectangle on the Centre Layer???

    can anyone help me....i'm frustrated, lol

    I assume you are referring to using the Align Object step in making the card. I should have mentioned in the tut, that before you use the Align Object effect, press CTRL+D to deselect the are you have just filled - this will align the object in the middle of the canvas.

    Hope this helps.


  5. In this tutorial you will be making something like this...


    I called the original piece 'Inside' as, to me, it looked like it could have been taken by a camera inside the human body.

    I posted this piece in the Pictorium recently (to a somewhat lukewarm response, which surprised me as I think it is one of the best pieces I've ever produced) and thought it worthy of a little tutorial, for those interested in how it was done (hamsterjam & Mastriani), and for those who may have missed it in the midst of the Pictorium maelstrom.

    You will need to download and install the Ed Harvey effect pack for this tutorial.

    Start with a reasonably large canvas, I'm using 1200 x 900

    Create 5 new layers, so you have 6 layers in total.

    Steps 1 through 5 will be repeated on each of the 6 separate layers.

    I have experimented with flattening the image at specific points and applying the effects globally, but the finished product is much better if effects are applied to all layers separately.

    Starting on the Background layer, Effects > Render > Clouds :Clouds: : Scale 750, Roughness 0, Blend Mode: Normal.

    Repeat on layers 2 - 6.

    (Tip, quick way to repeat the effect is to click on the next layer and press CTRL+F).


    Go back to the Background layer, Effects > Render > Clouds: Scale 750, Roughness 0, Blend Mode: Difference.

    Repeat on layers 2 - 6.


    Starting from the top layer, Layer 6, press F4 to access the Layer Properties and change the Blend Mode to 'Lighten'.

    Move down the layers and repeat this on layers 5, 4, 3 & 2.

    (Tip, you can also access the Layer Properties by double-clicking on the layer).


    Starting from the Background Layer, Effects > Photo > Soften Portrait :SoftenPortrait: : Softness 10, Lighting 10, Warmth 20.

    As before, repeat this effect on layers 2 - 6.


    From the top (Layer 6), Effects > Distort > Crystalize: Size 8 (default), Quality 3.

    Repeat on layers 5 - Background

    (Crystalize is part of the Ed Harvey effects pack. You can play with the Size setting in this effect, depending on your canvas size; the bigger the canvas the higher number you can use.

    I set the quality at 3 for rendering speed, you can of course set this to the max if you don't mind the wait).


    We've now finished with individual layer effects, so press CTRL+F to flatten.

    Press CTRL+SHIFT+D to Duplicate the Background layer.

    On the top layer, Effects > Stylize > Relief (default settings).

    Change the Layer Blend mode of the top layer to 'Lighten', and flatten the image.


    The relief effect leaves a slightly nasty top and bottom edge to your image, so

    Layers > Rotate Zoom > Zoom 1.02

    (Tip, click on the zoom slider control and use the up/down arrow keys to adjust the setting. You only want to move this up by 0.02, to get rid of the couple of pixels at the top and bottom of the image).


    Effects > Distort > Twist: Amount 20, Size 1.5, Quality 5.

    (You can, of course, adjust these settings to suit, but these are what I used and what I think produces the best effect).


    Finally, to colour the piece. When I first produced this effect the first thing that came to mind was that it resembled the a bodily interior, guts, intestines, if you will. For that reason I choose a real blood red colour (it is also where the name for the piece comes from).

    Adjustments > Hue & Saturation: Hue -30, Sat 150, Light -30.


    I would encourage you to experiment and adjust the settings at any stage to suit yourself (even different settings on each layer). Try different Cloud size, Different Blend Modes, Different Crystalize settings (or even a different Distort effect), different Twist settings and, of course, different colours.

    Please post your results and, if you use different setting and effects, post the details so other users can also try them out.

    I hope this tutorial will inspire you to take some of the steps demonstrated here and perhaps use them in different creative ways.



  6. Burton is in pre-production of 'Frankenweenie' a feature length remake of a short film he made early in his career. About a young Victor Frankenstein who brings his dog back to life after it is run over by a car. It's going to be stop-motion animation, similar to A Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse-Bride.

    whoopie! (Do not know if it makes sense in english, to me is an exclamation of joy!) Do not see the time to see his Frankstein doggie!

    Also your mention of I married an axe murderer brought back to my mind an hilarious movie with Woody Allen (acting only) and Sharon Stone called Picking Up the Pieces did you ever see that? It was fun

    No, I never saw Picking up the Pieces - to be honest I've never been a Woody Allen fan (acting or directing). I've tried watching some of his stuff, it just doesn't appeal to me. I did mildly enjoy "Play it again, Sam", but that's about it.

  7. Pirates of the Caribbean - Curse of the Black Pearl was excellent, 2nd was pretty rubbish and I only made it half way through the 3rd (due to boredom) - so, as a Trilogy only 4/10 from me, I'm afraid.


    For those of you not familiar, it was a Sci-fi TV series, cancelled before the end of the first season. Starring Brent Spiner (Data from ST:TNG) and created by Brannon Braga who was a principal writer on ST:TNG from season 4 and co-created ST:VOY and ST:ENT.

    I, for one, really enjoyed this and was disappointed when it was cancelled. What do you think?

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