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  1. I'll probably try to get screenshots later, if needed though i think i can describe the issue with sufficient clarity to replicate in words. My dad used to use an older version (3.36 i think) of paint.net and pasted from a site that uses unicode to render tamil - This is an example of a site he uses, and should render correctly on current versions of firefox -I'm using 3.5.5 Copying and pasting a passage from there, renders properly in paint.net 3.36, Word 2007 and firefox. It doesn't in notepad, the latest version of paint.net (3.5 something i think) and paint.I'd suggest using arial unicode to test, since its a common font that seems to work correctly with the script, in cases where it works. I'm supposing there's a change between the two versions, and thats what's causing the issue. While its a single, not too common language that i don't think the developers speak, Its still a rather curious bug, and i figured i'd bring it to your attention EDIT: The system is running windows XP SP3 as well. I guess i should have mentioned that
  2. well, animated cursors seem to be seperate layers for each frame. I opened one up from a theme pack and just swapped the frames for whatever image was wanted for that frame (i wanted amonochrome vista circle one and i had one from a modded version of royale noir that was blue)
  3. Its not PDN but irfanview handles batch resizing like a champ. Watermarking though... no...
  4. I'd just create a new layer, then draw lines diagonally to form an X on it
  5. Well, personally, i think you need to add a "reflection" to em and they'll be perfect... wait jake 2k beat me to it. Most of the ones i see seem to have an "arc" rather than a straight lined . Its funny but thats what my current projects are as well..., of a similar nature which were some trials for
  6. made from a national geographic magazine wallpaper... which looked like http://faileas.greywolf.googlepages.com ... ight.jpg... Using the photo flood plugin and HEAVY use of magic wand i got about... a dozen other forum/LJ icons i did... here
  7. Actually.. On VMware, a standard XP install (on luna, royale, or royale noir - classic might be lighter) will install and run on 64 MB ram and about a gig or so of HDD space (i go for 4 gigs, dynamic). You could run it through nlite to make it lighter install spacewise -stripping out drivers and such as not needed. Considering PDN isn't too big, the amount of memory you need would be entirely dependant on the size of the images you work with. I believe VMware fusion has a free beta for mac... and it might be worth a shot
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