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  1. Doesn't everybody? Actually, I swear to God, my dream last night was on the Q&GD page and above the 'Paint.NET v3.10 BETA is now available' was 'Paint.NET v4.10 ALPHA is now available' and was thinking to myself 'well that's stupid, now nobody is going to download the 3.10 with this up now'. I laughed. Then woke up. You should have downloaded it and tell us what was in it.......Anyways, last night I had a dream when it was basically a Resident Evil in the UK, but the zombies where thick and looked like alien things, which were fat and chubby, and tried to kidnap my sister, when I whacked it with a 2 by 4 20 times, then the next day, my parents and her pretended they were dead, and then we moved over to our Nan's, we stayed a night there, then we found out there were the zombies there, kicked their faces beyond daylight, then moved to this city area, when we going to confront the "boss" , then I woke up. Although that was a weird dream, it ws the first dream I had when I could actuall feel things happening, but unfortunately, it didn't have any romance in it (dammit) and fortunately it didn't have me getting hurt in any way. :shock: i had a dream like that but it was a tad bit different than yours and my sister didnt get kidnapped (cause i dont have one), but my little cousin got himself kidnapped, and it also told me how to get past a part in the one of their games im helping my cousin out with :shock: oh and hes 9 i talk too much
  2. i agree, but it does have some good songs on it
  3. Lame!!! i know u have a joke!! some has to come!! come on people! where's your sense of humor?!??!?!?!!?
  4. i was wondering about iceman, i havent seen any of his posts for a long time...
  5. My Dad only likes rock. My Dad loves Led Zeppelin but I don't think he is in Windows Media Player. Next time I get some stuff I'll ask if it is OK if they say bad words because I wanna get Green Day Anyways thank you for the suggestion I am thinking about getting Stadium Arcadium. green day cusses and i think there is some cussing and stuff in stadium arcadium..(im not sure i havent really payed THAT much attention to it. i have the album and antoher by green day
  6. give me novacaine by.....i dunno and....dont care
  7. wow! i was just listing to that when i read your post!!!! *edit* now its atwa by soad
  8. Yes it is... I somehow feel that the planet exploding is so big behind the character that it is going to get him into the explosion... May be you could make the size of the planet smaller to give a feel that he is born out of it... just my silly thought... ok, but my idea was that he destroid the planet. but thnx for the advise lol dbz is a little old now
  9. heres mine i messed up a lot but somehow it came out normal:
  10. lol....i dont know much about computers though, we took it cause we could get a free motherboard
  11. 7.234234235457 /10 a little confusing-ish hurts your eyes a bit
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