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  1. Wow! Didn't realize about the pencil. That's great if I want to go pixel by pixel. But what if I want a "pencil" that is many pixels wide? I.e, draw a circle centered at the center of a pixel. I couldn't find the antialiasing setting. Where is it? Thanks for your help.
  2. Perhaps I explained poorly. Right now, if I am working with a zoomed in image, one pixel in the image I am drawing corresponds to many pixels on my screen. And paint.net <i>does</i> behave differently depending on where in that region I click. In order to explain, I need a definition. Since my image is zoomed in, one pixel of the image corresponds to a region of many pixels on my screen. Let's call this region the "pixel region." Suppose I am in paint.net with a brush width of 1. If I click on the right side of the pixel region, what happens is that the corresponding pixel i
  3. Is it possible to force drawing commands to snap to the center of the nearest pixel? For example, if I want to paint, and I want my brush to always hit the center of a pixel. Also, the same question, but for corners -- i.e. if I want to force my brush to go to the place where four pixels meet. Thanks
  4. How do I make an alpha channel icon with paint.net? This is for an iPhone tab bar icon. All the iPhone tab bar sees is the alpha channel. Color is irrelevant. Thanks.
  5. I want to put italics into some of my text, just as in this message. I want to do this in a single insertion, so that the italicized text fits naturally in its correct place, without me having to adjust everything by hand. Is this possible?
  6. Maybe I am just dense, but there are two problems I can't figure out the answer too after spending quite a bit of time with the help. 1) For some reason, the program seems to have decided not to show anything I do now. It's not doing it in white -- even if I try to put something over something that is already there, it doesn't show. 2) I can't for the life of me figure out how to select one object, such as a line, then drag an endpoint to move it . . . or, for another example, select text, then edit the text.
  7. Yeah I looked at that, but I couldn't find the answers to any of my questions from the OP.
  8. Is there a tutorial that shows how to do simple stuff? Stuff like moving an object I drew earlier; making it bigger or smaller; or moving my image without having that black and white checkered background appear?
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