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  1. ah, I found it! you really can do everything with paint.NET Thanks!
  2. Hm, I'm afraid I can't find this zoom function of layers.. Where is it?
  3. Thanks, very good! But is there also a possibility to chose the percentage of the reduction of size?
  4. ah, very good, it works with the grey arrow. But what, if I want the whole selected square to reduce its size to say 65% of the original 100%, how can I do that? Because if I do it with the grey arrow I cannot ensure that height and width are reduced identically. ?
  5. Hi! If I select a part of my drawing with the rectangular mask, how can I change the size of just what I selected and not the whole canvas?
  6. Yep, thanks, that was exactly what I meant And this idea with the right mouse klick is very good.
  7. perfekt! by the way the community in this forum is simply great. You answer my questions so quickly One last question. If I select an area and press delete what remains is not a white but a brindle area. How can I get a white area if I select and delete an area? (Else I would have to fill the brindled area with white everytime)
  8. Thanks a lot everybody! filling cyrcles works perfectly with this one idea! What I would still like to know however is this: You said: I now know how to fill a circle with a colour gradient for example. And if I chose "Radiant" for the colour Gradient the gradient goes away from one point in the circle which I can choose. However this point is the darkest point and it will get lighter as I move the mouse away from this point. How can I do the opposite, so that a circle looks as if the sun was shining on it? Just like on this site e.g.: http://www.u-helmich.de/bio/gen/reihe2/25/25-3-p.
  9. when I decrease the tolerance to 0% it gets better. But it's still not perfect !?
  10. Hi! I just downloaded Paint.net and think it is extraordinarily great. Especially because it's easy to understand. The only thing that I do not like thaat much is, that when I paint a circle (say in black) and fill it (say with green) there still white dota at the inner side of the circle. Can I do anything against that?
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