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  1. Thank you for all this help Madjik. Though I feel I can explain the idea for the plugin better with some examples. In grid.jpg I've run the pixelate effect making 12x12 blocks of a single color. Then in grid2.png I've run my screenpixel effect on top of the first pixelate effect. See how it split each 12x12 block into three parts for it's RGB values? That is exactly what I wanted this effect to do but from the beginning it's always run through ever y coordinate. I didn't want people to have to run two effects to get one result. I'm sure if I understood the pixelate effect I could integrate it into the code.
  2. Close, it's my art studio. The perspective is a little off and I never put faucets on the sinks but the work put in totals about 15 hours.
  3. All Images below are 100% generated (no images used) by me in Paint.net unless I say otherwise. Please click on the full size link above the images. All full size images are .JPG under 256KB; if you want a higher quality version of any image below, feel free to PM me with your email address and which one you want and I will send you a .PNG version. ^I used that tiny image of me that I took for this piece; other than that it, like all, is 100% PDN. This was a major work for me at 20+ hours. ^simple/fun-wallpaper ^spent way to much time on this ^Just a little project. I used a photo of myself as a source. ^I have a typo in my own name.....maybe I'll fix it and put a better font in some day 4x3 version ^(new)A wall paper that I made for the university I am attending
  4. Well I'm back to square one. I commented out a control point in the code. float cut=0; //cut=(((float)y/amo1) % 1f); if(cut==0) It should allow the assignment of c, cR, cG, and cB only when y is at a point where it will complete a RGB(pixel) square. However, it acts very strangely and allows it to assign at points which I can't explain. int Amount1=9; //[1,20]Size x3 ColorBgra c,cR,cG,cB; private void Color(int y, int x, int amo1,Surface src) { float cut=0; //cut=(((float)y/amo1) % 1f); if(cut==0) { c=src[x,y]; cR.R=c.R; cR.A=255; cG.G=c.G; cG.A=255; cB.B=c.B; cB.A=255; } } void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { int amo1=Amount1*3; int cx,x1; for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x=x+amo1) { Color(y,x,amo1,src); for(cx=0;cx<(amo1/3);cx++) { x1=x+cx; if(x1 { dst[x1,y] = cR; } } for(cx=(amo1/3);cx<(2*(amo1/3));cx++) { x1=x+cx; if(x1 { dst[x1,y] = cG; } } for(cx=(2*(amo1/3));cx { x1=x+cx; if(x1 { dst[x1,y] = cB; } } } } }
  5. Not really but those are cool. If you try the first dll I made it does pretty much what I want it to do. But it runs through every y coordinate. I want the color to stay the same for Amount1 x3 down. kind like the LCD part of this image without the black lines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Pixe ... _Pengo.jpg I think I've made a color assignment function by checking to see if y has changed enough but codelab won't compile it saying: Error at line 23: } expected... Error at line 43: { expected... I simply don't see how that could be... lines like CP1.B=(byte)src[x,y]; CP1.R=0; are there because I just need to change and clear those two values. int Amount1=20; //[1,20]Size x3 private ColorBgra Color(int y, int x, ColorBgra c, int amo1,Surface src, int pass) { float cut; cut=(((float)y/amo1) % 1f)*1000f; if(cut==0) { switch(pass) { case0: c=src[0,0]; break; case1: c=src[x,y]; c.G=0; c.B=0; break; case2: CP1.G=(byte)src[x,y]; CP1.R=0; break; case3: CP1.B=(byte)src[x,y]; CP1.G=0; break; } } return c; } void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { int amo1=Amount1*3; int cy,cx,y1,x1; ColorBgra CP1=Color(0,0,src[0,0],amo1,src,0); for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y=y+amo1) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x=x+amo1) { CP1=Color(y,x,CP1,amo1,src,1); for(cy=0;cy { for(cx=0;cx<(amo1/3);cx++) { x1=x+cx; y1=y+cy; if(x1 { if(y1 { dst[x1,y1] = CP1; } } } } CP1=Color(y,x,CP1,amo1,src,2); for(cy=0;cy { for(cx=(amo1/3);cx<(2*(amo1/3));cx++) { x1=x+cx; y1=y+cy; if(x1 { if(y1 { dst[x1,y1] = CP1; } } } } CP1=Color(y,x,CP1,amo1,src,3); for(cy=0;cy { for(cx=(2*(amo1/3));cx { x1=x+cx; y1=y+cy; if(x1 { if(y1 { dst[x1,y1] = CP1; } } } } } } }
  6. Thank you, but I don't really understand how that will help my code. I'm not much of a programmer :oops: . I need to process the image in squares 3 times the user input. Each square needs to split into three equal portions for the RGB values of the square. Also right now it just gets the values from the first pixel in the square. Is there a way to get the average values for the whole square and then render the square? That would improve image quality.
  7. I made a simple plugin in code lab but I'm having a strange issue. The lines int Amount1=1; //[1,20]Size x3 ... int amo1=Amount1*3; ... for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y=y+amo1) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x=x+amo1) { ... The for loop for x works fine but the same type of setup is not working for y. In the x loop it steps along as expected; the y loop on the other hand runs through ever single line, acting the same as a loop written like so for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) . I simply have no idea what is wrong. It could be something else in the code but that seems to be the issue to me. By the way tell me what you think of the effect and thanks for any advice in advance.
  8. Following the steps here was a huge help in learning VS08. I just want to point out that I'm Bleek II... not Bleed, hahaha. Bleek II is short for me real name, Brian Lee Kloosterman II (B. Lee K. II). I just felt I needed to explain this so I didn't seem "emo"... or whatever.
  9. I have this plugin building in VS2008 now, with some great help from Madjik. I have a real question now; this code gives me the current pixel values void RenderRI(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { ... ColorBgra CP; ... for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; ++y) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; ++x) { CP = src[x, y]; Is there a way to assign "CP" with values from another layer, preferably the layer below the current working layer. I ask this because I would like to use layers as masks.
  10. But can use VS08 right? Why should I use that other program? I would think it must be simpler. I have no idea what I need to do to make a plugin in this thing. let's say I'm starting with the limited code I have right now. How do I make a UI for it, what system files do I need to reference, how do I handle an image variable for the mask??? If it would take too long to explain and it would be simpler just to finish the plugin yourself please feel free to do so, because I may not.
  11. Thanks pyrochild, I was wrong about Microsoft this time. I got through their process; although it took a couple of days. I now have VS2008 but am totally lost. I've never programed in a GUI environment before. To make things worse most of the code I find to learn from is for VS2005 and/or old versions of Paint.Net. This plugin and myself could really use some help. All this plugin really needs to get off the ground is an open dialog box and to use the imported image as a mask. thanks again, Brian K.
  12. Not really, I already checked that out a few days ago and it's a list of about 30 universities. My university is not on the list. I'm not going to say the normal bloody potato about Microsoft but it did sound too good to be true. I'm mostly an Ubuntu user and run XP through VMware. I really hope Mono Paint takes off. http://code.google.com/p/paint-mono/
  13. I started the development of this plugin out of need not want. Although I taking a CS minor I'm a Fine Arts major and don't want to spend my time maintaining it as a tool. I think it would be better if someone experience in the field took it over. All this is not to say I did not enjoy making what I did and I may make more plugins in the future. Thank you of informing me of that though I may check it out. The more that Paint.net expands the less I have to think about using GIMP.
  14. Once this plugin is complete could someone else publish and maintain? I don't have the software to do so myself.
  15. I added case 1: fx = (CP.R+CP.G+CP.B)/3; break; for luminosity also I changed fx from a byte to an int.
  16. yeah, it's cool dude. It's a really simple code base but I do like what it can do to some textures. I makes them seem deeper in some cases. I, or who ever finishes the task, may want to include the option not to use a map and just use the current image. It really only feels useful around 1-12%; anything more than that and it's just silliness. But I wanted to allow for play. And I've added angle controls for you.
  17. Thanks, BoltBait! also, I'm pretty sure the line dif =amo*(CP.R - 127); should changed to dif =amo*(CP.R - 128); just for the correctness....
  18. The lack of displacement map is why I haven't released it yet. I don't know how to have it open a new image. I'm just using codelab after all. The angle controls aren't there because. 1: I want displacement maps first 2: I'm lazy and spent half a day on about 25 lines of code. I'm very busy so that will have to wait until later.
  19. I've made my first plugin in codelab. I've only coded with C++ and don't know of any libraries so expect it be a little funky. I could really use help with this as I don't even know I can complete the plugin using codelad. If someone could finish it that would be welcome. This will be an extremely useful plugin for Artists like myself. 1.0.0- before it's release it needs to be able to import a bitmap as a mask to modify the image. It should not be use the values for the current image like it is right now. The code is based on the Warp sample from codelab. And thank you BoltBait for the early coding help! here is an example of Photoshop's tool: http://revision3.com/pixelperfect/displacement/ 0.0.2-Limited angle control: just for barkbark00 :-) 0.0.3 -Choose from Alpha, (Luminosity: Bleek II), and RGB: by madjik -Semi-working Wrap control: by madjik (code only)
  20. Hi, I need help with a number of issues. First I'd like to say that I have looked a large amount of sample code and have not been able to find the answers. I have a loop like this ColorBgra CP; for(int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++) { CP.R = ????????????????????; dst[x, y] = src.GetBilinearSample( x+CP.R, y+CP.R, true ); In place of the ??????????? I want to assign the Red value of the current pixel that I'm working on. Even better yet the it's brightness; I just used red because I'm working with BW images. I'm have only used c++ in the past so this a little harder to learn for me.
  21. I haven't posted anything here in a long time. I'm a 2nd year Fine Arts:Major / Computer Science:Minor at LSSU. I feel I that I should give a little back to the community that I love some much. Here is some of my work over the last year or so. I've compressed all of them to fit under the 256KB limit because I'm too lazy to upload else where.
  22. I was just playing with the plugin and I have to say "WOW"! Even though I don't know what half the stuff does it looks great. I also see that there's an option for "Animate Layers", which to my knowledge makes this the first format that lets Paint.Net save animated images! I would like to see this happen with .GIF files and even more I want to see an .MNG plugin! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mng Although I should be able to write one myself in a few years it would be cool to see one in a time frame closer to the present. Now if I could just get browsers to support MNG by default I'd be all set... Great Work, Bleek Da Sneek
  23. Great, my sister will love this. She use to have to go about a really round about way to get her sprays into many mods, like The Hidden. Thanks, Bleek Da Sneek
  24. also try adjusting the Magic Wand's "MW" Tolerance in the tool bar. Also if you hold "shift" while selecting with the MW it will select every thing in it's range on the photo. Also, you should use the Lasso. When using the Lasso hold "Ctrl" to keep what you have already selected and hold right click to unselect. Once you you have done all you can do you have to go in with the Eraser.
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