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  1. The British Govornment's decision really upsets me, like many others, but I don't think it'll work out for them in the long run. Either they'll loose more power from the limiting of their country, or the uproars, petitions, protests, and boycotts will force them to pull back-- it's the way the world tends to work. Very rarely is there a riot or mass uprising that doesn't create progress in later years (think Civil Rights, think Revolutionary War, think French Revolution, ect.)

    BTW, threw together an experimental remix of an Outkast song:

    http://drop.io/del_rio/asset/rosaparksp ... otherstuff

    ...it started up as a drumline, then another drumline, then an impromptu violin composition, some synth sounds with a Japanese Koto, then an acapella of Rosa Parks to fill in the empty sound waves :D

    Would be fined 50K if I were in Europe for making this...

  2. lol I got a girlfriend. :lol:

    um... rofl!(...?)

    My happiness:

    I like how almost every time I log into Facebook, someone starts talking to me about their life's issues :)

    No sarcasm, I'm serious. It makes me feel good how the people I get to know are willing to open up, not just sit in a corner in non-happy mode. This also makes me feel better in the sense that I'm the ultimate source of happiness no matter where I go :D

  3. I got two facebook friend requests from random girls I don't know. I know they are from my school, but... eh, they're not my friends. :|

    Yeah, that happens sometimes. A month ago, I accumulated a friend request list of 14 people, only 2 of which I knew (those two I didn't like). I normally accept them if there's a friend connection somewhere, but I also had a friend request from a guy serving in Iraq right now (never met him even though... he even added me on MySpace :? )

    But yeah, if the people look creepy, just deny.

  4. Ah, but we have a PDN Wave which you can use for collaborations and stuff. If you give me your wave ID, I'll add you to it.

    Heh, I didn't get the memo...

    rbndelrio is the name


    Happiness: Lots of awesome paintballing yesterday (3 hours pretty much non-stop in the woods w/ unlimited paint for $20). Beats CoD any day of the week. Makes for a really intense moment when you're laying on the ground, watching paint hit the guy next to you and right over your head.

  5. It was definitely not my type of movie.

    yeah, it was pretty disturbing at the start

    Watchmen was definitely the most violent thing I've seen in... well, I don't remember (not including bloody horror, where you expect the violence). But every time I look back on the movie, I always think "Wow, everything about that movie was epic, action-packed, and overall well done." It beats 300, IMO.

  6. Today, for the first time, I got kicked out of an R-rated (17+) movie. My friend decided to go down with a fight, and spent 20 minutes arguing with the employee. It was hilarious.

    Ah, reminds me of earlier this year. A friend of mine and I went to a movie theater to see Watchmen. We go to the front of the line, fail to receive tickets because of our age. So we attempt to buy tickets for another movie to BS them. Turns out, we didn't have enough money on us (we went to Best Buy a few minutes earlier). So we try to get other friends to come (and donate...), but 30 minutes later, nobody comes. So we just walk in the movie theater ticket-less, walk under the barriers that lead you to the ticket collector, and walk in the movie.

    Watchmen was great :)

    Moral of the story: If you own a movie theater, don't bump the price up to $8 [bTW, there's a new theater in Downtown Orlando with massive, comfy seats and costs $4.75 per ticket]

  7. So today, after school, there was a protest. Neo-Nazis.... they hate everybody! Jews, non-Christians, liberals, blacks, gays...

    Yeah, local news was there (I got in the background! Not sure if that's a good thing...)

    Funny thing happened while I was walking up there. This girl I know was walking up at the same time I was, and I said to her "We should totally go gay for a few minutes," and she said "But I am..." Good thing she said that, because I was going to ask her out tomorrow :D

  8. Oh yeah, so I'm working on an album. Like, a music album. I have two tracks done, but they only total to about 2 minutes :D

    Which is why I think I'll reduce the release to an EP.

    If I make it an album, then it'll be called The Alternate Side. If it's an EP, I'll name it Sallekh (long story... sorta).

  9. You know two things I think about a lot? 1) what I would name a band if I started one, and 2) what I would name my future children.

    It's kinda hard to decide because these names tend to be pretty set in stone [and I intend on forming a band in the next year or so]. For a band, I consitered a lot of funny random names (LMFAO, Cake, Weezer, ect.), but it doesn't seem appropriate. I'd go for a short one-word name that makes sense (Muse is one of the best band names out there).

    And about 10 minutes ago, Elise just topped my list for girl names, because of the car manufactured by Lotus and the composition by Beethoven (well, not really because of the car).

    Just a random thought that's too big for a Twitter post.

  10. Anyone here ever used Amazon.com? I used them to pre-order Modern Warfare 2 and I set my shipping to Release date delivery (they guarantee I will get it on November 10th).

    Does anyone know if their deliver dates are reliable? :?

    When I bought my iPod touch, they said about a week or two. It came in around 3 days.

  11. @Blooper: Actually, you're close. I don't use my backpack anymore. My guitar case has replaced it :)

    Oh, and some happiness:

    "The greatest thing about the Internet is that you can write pretty much anything you want and give it a false source." ~Jimi Hendrix

    EDIT: Quote now sitting happily in my signature.

  12. I'm in a state of amazement right now. Wolfram Alpha (if you hadn't heard of it before, look it up) as a mini-site called WolframTones that generates music through mathematical equations, and it actually sounds like music.


    I took one of the tunes it generated (they let you download the MIDI), and put it in FL Studio for putting decent instruments to it, and here's the result:


    Just open your mind to ambient music theory...

  13. Inside jokes are the funniest jokes in the world, yet so not funny when you explain it to someone else. For example:

    "The witch is dead!" (...some friends and I were creating a song... that's the only line we could come up with)

    Balls McLovin (well, not as much of an inside joke, but that was my self-imposed nickname for a week; is meant to be said in a Captain Morgan stance)

    "Wayne is a whore"* (a 2 minute improv song about a friend of mine I sang with my guitar at school one day, during lunch. Somehow, the rhymes just fell into place)

    Most of these inside jokes form between me and a friend of mine, just to see how people would react. One time, at the beginning of a history class, we lined up at the front, looking at the board. I invited people to join, so did she. Eventually, over half the class was standing at the front of the class, teacher included, trying to figure out what the purpose was :D

    ...thank you for reading my random post of the day :)

    *excuse the language, my dear fellow mods. Plz+thx.

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