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  1. I tried it but after saving it, it change the transparency into white. I also test it in Counterstrike (background get or is white). It could be also may fault. I dit it like that. I cut out the logo i wanted. After that i created a new file. In the properties of the new file i set it transparanecy. After that i copied the logo in. I think the easiest would be the save it in .vtf but paint dont support this file. Or is there maybe a plugin?
  2. Thats true. With .png it works fine. But CSSource only support the following files : .tga, .jpg, .bmp, .vtf
  3. Hi folks, i tried it about 2 hours and i wasnt successful. But first let me explain what i tried to do. I took a normal .jpg and made the background of this picture transparency. So in paint.net it was transparency. I thought that Source will except it too but it didnt. So i searched through the internet and found some tutorials. The problem is that they are all written for Photoshop. Maybe someone did already some logos with transparency background and could it explain to me. Many thanks!
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